Book Bolt Review 2023: Best Low Content Book Tool?

Have you ever aspired to delve into the world of crafting and vending low-content books, but were suffocated by not knowing where to commence?

Enter Book Bolt. This intuitive software streamlines the process, allowing even beginners to design, publish, and market their low-content books with ease.

Before diving into the finer details, let’s set the scene. Imagine having a simple toolbox that can guide you from the initial stages of spotting popular book trends all the way to keyword optimization and effective book marketing.

This isn’t just any tool—it’s tailored for those who aim to make a mark in the low-content book world. But is it truly the gold standard in this niche in 2023?

In this Book Bolt review, we’ll walk you through its features, benefits, pricing, and more. Plus, for those curious about other options, we’ll also touch upon some Book Bolt alternatives by the end.

So, let’s dive right in!

What Is Book Bolt?

book bolt

A lot of Amazon KDP authors, especially beginners, get lost in the low-content publishing ocean. They need a comprehensive tool to help in all aspects of low-content book creation, and that’s where Book Bolt comes in.

BookBolt is a user-friendly platform designed for researching, creating, and marketing low-content books.

Essentially, it’s a tool that assists users in designing book covers and interiors without the hassle of mastering complex design software.

What makes it stand out is its intuitive features – from searching trending book niches to creating custom interiors. Plus, Book Bolt even provides keyword research and competition analysis tools, helping you optimize your book’s visibility on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

So, if you’re aiming to create and sell your own journals, planners, or any low-content book, Book Bolt simplifies the process, guiding you step by step to bring your vision to life.

Book Bolt’s Main Features:

  • Book Cover Creator & Designer
  • Pre-Made Interior Templates
  • Drag And Drop Editor
  • 1200+ Free Fonts
  • More Than 1 Million Royalty Free Images
  • Keyword Research Features
  • KDP Spy Tool (Competition Analysis)
  • Description Writing
  • Category Selection
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • 3-Day Free Trial

How Book Bolt Works:

Let’s discuss the most important features of Book Bolt, and explain how this platform really works.

Product Database and Trend Hunter

Before creating a low-content book, the most important step is to make sure that there is a demand for it. The Product Database gives a full peek into the current books, showing the in-demand themes and styles trending on Amazon.

This tool helps creators stay tuned to what the market wants. At the same time, Trend Hunter provides timely info on rising trends, letting writers catch the wave before it’s big.

By integrating these tools, Book Bolt empowers users to create content that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also in line with what potential buyers are actively seeking, maximizing the opportunity for sales and success.

book bolt

Designing the Cover

Once you have a grip on what’s trending, it’s design time. The Book Bolt designer provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface for this.

On your dashboard, you will find a design toolbox tailored to meet your needs, whether you’re looking to select a cover size, choose a background, add unique shapes, or even sketch something by hand.

Worried about images? While Book Bolt doesn’t directly provide images, they’ve got you covered. Users can effortlessly integrate royalty-free images from reliable sources like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels, ensuring your cover stands out, all while respecting copyright norms.

Interior Selection

interior generator book bolt

Arguably, while a cover might attract a potential reader, it’s the interior that seals the deal. After perfecting the cover, the next step is a breeze. By clicking the “interior” button, a plethora of pre-made interior designs appear.

All it requires is a simple choice based on preference, inputting the desired page number, and that’s it!

You have a downloadable file ready to go. For creatives who love to break the mold, there’s an option to craft custom interiors. Such flexibility offered ensures that your book genuinely resonates with your vision.

Keyword Research

Book Bolt’s keyword research feature is a significant feature

Understanding which keywords potential buyers are searching for can make all the difference, in order to catch the eyes of the right audience.

At the core of this feature is its simplicity and efficiency. To start, navigate to the sidebar, where you’ll find a little skeleton key icon labeled “keywords.” Upon clicking, you will be taken into the keyword research mode.

Here’s where the magic happens: you input words relevant to your niche or book theme, and the tool rapidly churns out variations of these keywords that real Amazon customers are searching for. This offers invaluable insights, allowing users to fine-tune their book titles, descriptions, and metadata to align with actual search trends.

Beyond just providing keyword suggestions, the tool offers information about search volume, giving users a clearer picture of the popularity and potential competitiveness of a keyword.

book bolt keyword research

In essence, Book Bolt’s keyword research feature acts as a bridge, connecting authors with their potential readership by optimizing their book’s online visibility.

By grounding their choices in real-time data, authors are empowered to make informed decisions that increase their chances of commercial success.

Writing the Description

Book Bolt’s product description writing feature streamlines the process of crafting compelling descriptions for your low-content books.

This intuitive tool guides users through a step-by-step process, making sure they include essential elements that appeal to potential buyers.

By entering basic details about the book, like its theme or primary use, the tool auto-generates a description that’s both engaging and relevant. Users can then customize this text to suit their specific style and preferences.

The end result? A well-crafted product description that not only highlights the book’s unique selling points but also resonates with the target audience.

Category Selection

book bolt

The importance of proper category selection cannot be stressed enough, as it directly influences a book’s visibility to its target audience on Amazon.

Book Bolt simplifies the process of selecting the right category for your low-content book through its Category Selection feature.

This feature offers a curated list of potential categories based on the book’s content and theme. Users can navigate through this list to find which category best fits their book.

By suggesting the most relevant and often overlooked categories, Book Bolt ensures that authors position their books effectively, maximizing the chances of reaching a wider and more appropriate readership.


book bolt pricing

Every tool comes with a price, and with Book Bolt, you certainly get what you pay for.

Book Bolt comes with two straightforward and affordable pricing plans – Newbie and Pro.

While both plans offer keyword and product research features along with a cover and interior designer, the Pro plan comes with additional Puzzle Creation Software.

Here’s the pricing for both plans:

  • Newbie: $9.99/mo
  • Pro: $19.99/mo

Before you commit to any of the plans, you can try Book Bolt risk-free with a 3-day trial.

Book Bolt Alternatives

Transitioning into the realm of alternatives, it’s crucial to recognize that while Book Bolt stands tall in the domain of low-content book designing, there are other platforms vying for attention.

Knowing your options is not about switching loyalties but about expanding your arsenal. Let’s traverse this space and acquaint ourselves with some noteworthy Book Bolt competitors.

Publisher Rocket

publisher rocket

Let’s start with no.1 alternative to Book Bolt – Publisher Rocket. Formerly known as KDP Rocket, this software takes keyword research to a new zenith.

It’s tailored for Amazon’s book marketplace, making it an invaluable ally. With this tool, you can uncover profitable niches, analyze competitor sales, and even estimate the monthly earnings of a keyword.

While it doesn’t dabble in the design aspect, when it comes to market research, few can rival its prowess. For those who believe knowledge is power, Publisher Rocket is a veritable goldmine. One of the standout differences between Book Bolt, and Publisher Rocket, is that the latter offers lifetime access for $97.

Check out Publisher Rocket: Click Here

Read our full Publisher Rocket review here

Tangent Templates

tangent templates

For those who prioritize design versatility, Tangent Templates beckons. This platform is a haven for creating interiors of low-content books.

With over 40 templates to choose from, ranging from planners to music sheets, it addresses the oft-neglected aspect of what lies between the covers. A user-friendly interface combined with the ability to customize templates makes it a favorite among many KDP sellers.

While Book Bolt excels at covers, Tangent Templates ensures the inside of your book is just as enchanting. Similarly to Publisher Rocker, Tangent Templates also offer lifetime access for $59.



Lastly, there’s Canva, the ubiquitous design tool.

While not exclusively built for KDP sellers, its vast array of templates and design elements make it adaptable to almost any project. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface is a boon for non-designers.

The platform is versatile, catering to both cover designs and interiors. The key is to use it in conjunction with market research tools to ensure your design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also market-ready.

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In the expansive world of low-content book publishing, having the right tools can make the difference between fleeting efforts and tangible success.

Book Bolt emerges as a comprehensive solution, effortlessly bridging the gap between vision and reality for budding authors.

But like any tool, its effectiveness is determined by the hand that wields it. So, whether you’re just starting out or aiming to refine your strategy, remember the power of research, design, and persistence.

With these in hand, and perhaps with Book Bolt or one of its alternatives as your companion, the world of low-content publishing is yours to conquer.

Happy creating!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Absolutely! Many individuals have found that with the right strategies, Book Bolt’s help can be instrumental in streamlining the book creation process and enhancing their profitability. The platform provides tools that offer insights into Amazon’s search volume, thereby increasing the chances of making sales.

Bookbolt offers numerous advantages. Its intuitive cover designer simplifies design tasks, the software provides essential insights into Amazon search volume, and it integrates seamlessly with a KDP account. Additionally, the platform streamlines the entire book creation process, making it user-friendly and efficient.

Book Bolt assists in the creation and marketing of low-content books. It features an intuitive cover designer, offers tools to understand Amazon search volume, and integrates well with a KDP account. Essentially, the Book Bolt software aids in every step of the book creation process, ensuring optimal visibility and sales potential.

Book Bolt offers multiple pricing plans tailored to user needs. The Newbie plan is priced at $9.99/month, while the Pro plan costs $19.99/month. While both plans include keyword/product research, cover/interior designer, Amazon search volume analysis, KDP Spy feature, and 24/7 customer support the Pro plan offers additional software for creating puzzles.

Yes, is a legitimate platform. It offers valuable services such as market research, competition analysis, and assistance with interior and cover designs for authors and self-publishers. Users pay for these services and receive the intended benefits, making it a trustworthy resource in the self-publishing industry.