Considering Blogging As A Career? – Things You Need To Know

blogging as a career

In today’s world, you have numerous carrier options to express yourself in your desired life path, and that includes blogging.

Although blogging exists since the late ’90s, it has just recently transformed into a career opportunity.

To answer,  whether this career option is for you or not, you need to raise some questions for yourself:

  • Do I enjoy writing and generally creating content?
  • Am I passionate about certain topics and willing to discuss them in my blog?
  • Do I have at least a basic understanding of computer technology?
  • Am I consistent and not willing to give up?

If YES is an answer to all of these questions, you have the potential to become a successful full-time blogger.

Must note that job title “blogging” can be considered in two terms. You either considering a blogging career as a freelancer or employee for someone else’s blog, or you want to build your blog.

The greatest benefits of blogging come when you actually own the blog. So this article will focus on those who are willing to establish a career in their own blogs.

Is Blogging A Good Career Choice?

Is blogging a good career

Life is all about doing things that you love, and the same applies to your career. You want to choose a job in which you can develop as a personality, earn money, and have an enjoyable time.

Many people find blogging to be matching all of these aspects to their carrier goals, and you may be one of them.

By that, blogging brings the following advantages:

1. Gives You Freedom:

Not only that blogging can make you financially free, but also location-free, as well as bossless. Blogging is an online business model, which can be considered a hassle-free and risk-free compared to the most traditional businesses or jobs.

Many bloggers work by traveling around the world or just from home.

If they need an extra hand to their blogging businesses, there’s no need to set up an office or sign long-term contracts with the employees.

There are freelancing platforms, like Fiverr, or Freelancer, where you can hire somebody remotely for a single or multiple projects, and that’s how you can scale your blogging business with ultimate freedom.

2. Establishes Your Identity

Whether it’s your identity or a brand, blogging can make it big.

There’re over 4 billion internet users worldwide and the number is still growing. You have a chance to stand out and show up in front of an incredibly large audience.

Your skills, approach, and ideas can be noticed by the big names, or brands online – that can bring many business opportunities, including collaborations, networking,  etc.

3. It’s Enjoyable!

Who doesn’t like to post pictures on Instagram these days?

Almost every one of us now can be considered a content creator, and it’s just the extra mile we have to take to turn this hobby into a job.

You don’t necessarily have to be a great writer to become a great blogger. There are thousands of successful blogs online that don’t publish written content at all and they generate income mainly from YouTube or Instagram.

4. It Can Earn You Money.

There must be a good reason why those bloggers regularly post their content everywhere. The ultimate goal of almost every blogger is to earn money, and that turns blogging into a career.

There are several ways how you can earn money from your blog, and they depend on the platform you are blogging on. If you are blogging on your website, you can monetize it with Google ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or by selling your own products.

If you are blogging on Instagram, you can become an influencer or a brand ambassador, and get paid for sponsored posts, or recommended products.

If you are a YouTube blogger, the main ways how you can get paid are – Google ads and affiliate marketing.

All of these blogging methods can be very profitable and allow you to create a long term business.

But before turning your blog into the profit machine, you must generate regular traffic and create a follower-list, and that’s the hardest part for every beginner blogger.

How Much A Blogger Can Earn Per Month?

How Much Blogger Earn Per Month

For many people blogging may sound more like a hobby rather than a career choice, but the truth is that blogging can be a business that can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Let’s take a look at some case studies showing how much money certain blogs can make per month.

Createandgo & Avocadu

According to the report, two blogs called and, owned by a couple called Alex and Lauren, which publishes content about blogging & weight loss has made over $130,000 in October 2019.

Almost half of this income came from affiliate marketing and another big half from selling digital downloads.

While in January 2016 the blog has generated only $172,82,  two and a half years later, blog earned over $158,000 in July 2018!

From $172 to $158k per month in just almost 3 years! It is clearly a life-changing progress and blogging can give you that!


Another blogger Ryan Robinson, in his earning report of July 2019, states he made $39,448 from his blog in a single month, where $6,231 involved in the total expenses.

While total earnings consisted of multiple income streams, affiliate earnings took the first place with a massive $36,562 in a single month!

Again, it shows how affiliate marketing can be a super effective method to generate income online

Must mention, such income occurred not from a few blog visitors. In 2019 July, Ryan had 457,446 sessions on his blog, as well as 113,735 total email subscribers. All that is a result of hard and consistent work, and it hasn’t happened over a few days or weeks.

The last interesting fact to mention about this report, is that it proves that blogging can be a passive income stream. According to Ryan Robinson, half of the month of July he was offline, and he only managed to publish 3 new blog posts.

While it can be work-consuming at the beginning, eventually blogging can become an effortless business generating huge income on the autopilot.

One Big Happy Life

Another great example of a successful blog would be a lifestyle blog OneBigHappyLife which in its reports discloses 2018 November income results. The total revenue is reaching $10,900 which the vast majority consists of sponsored posts, and YouTube ads.

These are the blog’s stats by November 2018, which contributed to such monthly income results:

Total Page Views: 5,879
Uniques Page Views: 2,916
YouTube Subscribers: 106,388
Email Subscribers: 4,572
Instagram: 11,400

As we can see this blog is clearly focusing on YouTube marketing strategy, and that works very well if you are a camera or video person.

How To Start A Career in Blogging?

How To Start Career in Blogging

While there are tons of tips and tricks in the blogging industry, these are the essential points you must follow to turn your hobby passion into a paid job.

1. Don’t Quit Your Job Yet

Remember a successful career in blogging requires willingness and a lot of hard work. It is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme and should be treated as a real job.

Blogging is a business model where you put the hard work first, and reap the rewards later. For many bloggers, including our blog, it took at least 1 year to earn the first penny online.

However, you can start earning money sooner if you follow the tips that could save you from failures which we have experienced in the past. If you would like to choose blogging as a career option by turning it into full-time income stream, you would need to put a lot of work if you want to do it in a year or two.

Generally speaking, blogging is becoming more and more competitive choice of career. However, if you can stand out of competition, and put the hard work in, you can get genuinely rewarded.

2. Choose A Topic You LOVE

It is crucial to choose the blogging topic you are passionate about, and there’s money to be made in every niche.

Probably the biggest mistake our blog made in the very beginning of the journey was choosing the wrong topic. Believe it, there is nothing worse than blogging about the topic you have no interest in.

By choosing the right blogging topic you are more likely to be productive. Blogging is all about the valuable message,  that you share with your audience every day. The more you love your blogging niche, the more value you can give to people.

While fashion, health & fitness, food, travel, digital marketing, cryptocurrency are the most profitable niches, they are the most competitive ones too.

The more specific niche is – the better to start.

Probably any niche you can think of in this world, has money to be made.  For example, niches like – spirituality, carpeting, vegan pet food, or mountain camping gear, has enough opportunities to turn your passion into a career.

3. Create A Website

No matter which platform you willing to put your blogging efforts on you will need a website.

The most successful bloggers utilize at least two medium sources, for example, website and Instagram, or website or YouTube channel.

If you don’t enjoy writing and prefer creating another type of content, mainly focusing on Youtube or Instagram is perfectly fine.

However, if you don’t have a website, you are just missing out too much.

It’s just unlike on social media, on your website you can have full control of everything. There you can sell different products or services, collect email addresses for email marketing, which is vitally important for a successful blogging business.

Also, a website can give you a professional look in front of your audience and people will be more likely to trust your brand!

If you are interested in creating your first WordPress website blog, – here’s a quick step-by-step guide for beginners.

4. Time To Put In Some Work!

It would be crazy to think that blogging could make you rich overnight. While it can actually make you rich, there are countless hours of work you should put in before.

As in any other career, blogging also has a barrier you need to cross to breakthrough into success. But once you do it, you can go absolutely limitless with that!

The hardest part is to start and trust us, we’ve been there. It’s like working in silence for long weeks and months until rewards finally start to drop from the sky.  While the quality is definitely over quantity,  blogging demands publishing a lot. We are talking about tens if not hundreds of unique blog posts or videos.

If you are lazy with content creation and have a budget to invest, you can easily outsource this and other tasks to freelancers.

The more content you publish, the better and quicker your content will start to rank on search engines. So it’s all about consistently building up that empire, and not giving up!

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