Best Paraphrasing and Summarizing Tool [2023]

Seeking the optimal tool to paraphrase and summarize your content? You’ve landed in the correct spot, as we are about to discuss the most effective software combination which can be utilized for this task.

We will talk about two popular rewriting tools called Spin Rewriter, and Quillbot. One works great for efficiently rewriting your content, and the other one works best for paraphrasing.

If you are already familiar with Quillbot, you may wonder why we can’t rely only on this tool since it also has the paraphrasing feature. It’s because Quillbot does not guarantee unique paraphrased content, and it lacks some essential paraphrasing features, like – bulk rewriting, CopyScape integration, list reordering, and more…In addition, the quality of automatic rewriting could be also better, especially if we compare it to its competitor Spin Rewriter.

But what’s very good about Quillbot is that it offers a nearly free summarizer tool along with some great features. For these reasons, we are going to focus on Spin Rewriter for paraphrasing, and on Quillbot for summarizing.

So, without further due let’s take a deeper look at how these two platforms can help you paraphrase and summarize your content.

Spin Rewriter – The Best Paraphrasing Tool:

spin rewriter

Spin Rewriter is our top rewriting tool that can paraphrase individual words, phrases, sentences, or whole articles, and all – in a way that makes good sense to the reader. This web-based tool is perfectly suitable for rewriting articles, blog posts, essays, thesis, and other types of documents.

It uses a combination of AI and ENL Semantic Spinning technology to analyze and understand not only the meaning of the whole article but also the relationships between words and phrases. By that, the software is capable to generate content, which is not only 100% unique but also looks like human written. 

With Spin Rewriter you can either paraphrase manually by choosing from the best alternatives for words or phrases, or you can hit 1-click rewrite, and the software can generate up to 1000 unique variations of your article. Whichever way you choose to go, most likely you will be satisfied with the results.

Talking about features, Spin Rewriter has everything you need for efficient paraphrasing, and that includes:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Manual & automatic rewrite
  • Unlimited and fast bulk rewriting
  • Article, image & video fetching
  • The multilevel spinning
  • 5 Rewriting Spintax Styles
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Keyword protection
  • Automatic paragraph creation
  • List reordering
  • Many API integrations (including WP)
  • Blog submissions
  • Mobile Version
  • And more…

The list of features is way longer than Quillbot’s and for this Spin Rewriter turns to be a superior rewriting and paraphrasing tool.

How Does It Work?

To start, you can either paste the article that you want to paraphrase, or you can browse a huge article database of over 126,000 articles to find the one you want to rewrite.


Once you have your article in place, you can turn on or off some of the settings for words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.


When you are happy with your settings, just hit the Rewrite Article button and Spin Rewriter will generate variations for words and phrases. The highlighted words represent the original inputs, and next to them, you can see their variations.

manual rewriting spin rewriter

From here you will be able to manually choose the best alternative words. Adding more words next to the original will give Spin Rewriter more options to choose from when automatically rewriting the content. 

Once you finish manually editing your article (if you need so), you can click on Finalize Article and Spin Rewriter will convert your article into Spintax format:

generate unique articles spin rewriter

From here, you can choose to add images or videos to your article, adjust some final settings, and generate up to 1000 unique versions of your article.

Lastly, to generate one paraphrased article hit Generate a Unique Article button, and Spin Rewriter will show your article in a side-by-side comparison mode. 

generated unique article

This final step allows you to make final edits to your article, download it in different formats, and post it directly to your WordPress blog. There is also be a uniqueness indicator, which allows you to make sure that your new generated content is unique and plagiarism-free. Alternatively, you can connect your CopyScape account to Spin Rewriter using API. 


Since Spin Rewriter offers unlimited rewriting capabilities, this tool isn’t free and requires a paid subscription, which compared to other paraphrasing and rewriting tools is quite affordable. What’s unique about Spin Rewriter is that it offers a lifetime membership, which can save you money in the long run.

Here’re all pricing plans:

  • Monthly – $47 a month
  • Yearly – $77 a year (60% off)
  • Lifetime – $497 one time fee

But before subscribing to one of the plans, you can sign up for a free 5-day trial. In addition, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee in place.

In case you can’t afford a premium paraphrasing tool, you can use Quillbot’s free paraphrasing tool instead. However, Quilbot’s free paraphrasing tool will be limited in features, and most likely will not produce unique content.

2. Quillbot – Best Summarizing Tool

While there are better options than Quillbot for paraphrasing, you can take good advantage of its free summarizing tool. Quillbot’s summarizer uses natural language processing to condense your content down to the key points instantly while maintaining the original context.  

Quillbot allows you to paraphrase either by Key Sentences, or Paragraph.

Summary by Key Sentences extracts the bullet points of the most important information. You can choose the number of bullet points you want Quillbot to generate by adjusting the summary length slider.

And summary by Paragraph will condense the most important information into paragraph. You can also adjust the paragraph size by triggering the summary length slider. 

To start using this feature, go to Quillbot, and locate Summarizer. Then, type or paste the text you want to have summarized, and select one of a few keywords to enhance your summary, and maintain the SEO.

Here’s an example of a summary by Key Sentences:

summarizer key sentences quillbot

And here’s an example of summary by Paragraph:

summarizer paragraph quillbot

While you can take good advantage of Quillbot’s summarizer for free, there is also a premium plan for a bigger word count for summarizing. The free plan allows you to summarize from up to 5000 characters, and that accounts for 710-1250 words. And the premium gives you a 10,000 summarizer character limit, which can be around 1430-2500 words.

So in case you want to summarize longer articles, and the free plan is not enough, you can upgrade to a premium for a small monthly free. For the premium, Quillbot offers 3 pricing plans, and these are:

  • Monthly: $7.95/month (billed monthly)
  • Semi-Annual: $4.99/month (billed every 6 months)
  • Annual: $3.32/month (billed every year)

By subscribing to one of the plans, you will also get access to its premium paraphrasing tool features.

Final Words:

After testing tens of different paraphrasing and summarizing tools, we found that there’s no tool that can serve you best in one place. While Quillbot is a platform that covers both paraphraser and summarizer features, it lacks some advanced paraphrasing capabilities and most importantly does not guarantee unique content. 

For this reason, we are recommending Spin Rewriter, which will not only ensure that your paraphrased content is plagiarism-free, but also that it looks like written by humans. And for summarizing, Quillbot is probably the best solution that you can come across today, and the best thing about it – it’s free.

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