10 Best Niches For AdSense That Make Money!

Google AdSense is an ad network that can assist you in generating revenue from your blog. It’s an effective strategy to utilize the ad zones on your website. Gone are the days of manually handling individual advertisers–now, Google can automatically select and show relevant ads to your viewers.

Niche is a big factor playing an important role in advertising revenue. The best niches for AdSense are the ones that can give you a high CPC (cost per click) and enough traffic to increase your earnings.

The AdSense CPC for every niche is quite standard and depends on the average bids of the advertisers on Google Ads.

All the suggested niches listed below can earn you good money, not only with advertising but also with affiliate marketing. These niches can potentially drive a good amount of traffic, and that is the most important factor for Google AdSense.

But, before diving into them, let’s have a quick look at how advertising with Google works.

How does Google AdSense work?

As a blogger who wants to make money from the ads, first of all, you should install the ad code on your website. Then, Google AdSense spiders will start doing a crawling process on your blog to check what your content is about, and what relevant ads they could display to your audience.

The main purpose of Google is to display the most relevant ads possible, and that’s great for you. The more relevant ads are, the more likely your visitors are going to click on them, the more likely you will make money.

Google is going to display ads because someone paid Google to do so. Advertisers bid and pay Google money to display their ads on relevant websites, and if someone clicks on the ad displayed on your site, you get a share of that.

Also, Google is interested to put the highest paying ad on your site, so it’s a win-win situation as you get the most money from an ad click.

To start earning money with AdSense, you will need to have the content in the first place. It could either be YouTube content, or the content on your website/blog.

Secondly, the most important thing you will need is traffic, and that depends on your niche, marketing strategy and efforts.

Once you have the traffic you can apply for Google Ads to get approved. In order to get approved, you will need to have enough quality content, and your site must be at least 6 months old.

Then, you can choose from huge variety of ad formats to display on your site, including image or text ads. Lastly, you simply copy and paste the ad code to the areas you want the ads to be shown.

Google handles all the payments and transactions, so you don’t have to worry – you will get paid for every single generated click.

What are the highest paying AdSense niches?

What are the highest paying AdSense niches

1. Make money online

This is the most profitable niche for most online business models. There are a lot of users that search for ways to make money because it is the number #1 problem for so many people.

As an option for Google AdSense, it is the best as well. It has a big CPC because there is a lot of advertising competition, and marketers create new products every single day.

When you create a blog on this niche and get traffic, you may figure out many profitable ways to maximize your earnings. Apart from Google AdSense, affiliate marketing is also a super effective way to monetize your blog. There are plenty of products in this niche that you can promote to your audience and earn money.

The only negative is the competition. You need to do enough research to find sub-niches and keywords that you can effectively target with your new blog. But in the end, it’s really worth that effort, and you can find a way to create a long-term business in the make money online niche.

2. Health and Fitness

All the niches that are relevant to health and fitness have a wide audience and high CPC rates.

People are concerned about their health and they search for information on Google.  Also, there are many expensive products in this industry that people are willing to invest in, so affiliate marketing can be a great addition to your ad revenue in this niche.

You don’t have to start a blog that focuses on broad terms like weight loss or bodybuilding. It can be more effective to focus on specific diets or types of exercise.

Simply, the broad terms are too competitive, and your chances to get results are not great.

Also, be smart when choosing the right keywords to target. You really want to find very low competition keywords, as the authority websites already have the majority of health-related questions answered.

If you are going with competitive key terms, make sure your content is really well-researched, because Google is really going to take time to rank for new sites in this niche. And it makes sense, as Google doesn’t want the wrong content to negatively affect our health.

3. Marketing and Advertising

Many people want to learn about marketing and start a new business. This niche is very similar to the make money online niche and has unlimited potential traffic. There are many popular marketing blogs on the internet, and the average CPC is $6.45.

Many sub-niches can be extremely profitable, and even a beginner can learn about them with some research. For example, you can start a blog about social media marketing, YouTube, banner advertising, or new platforms before creating content about more complicated marketing and advertising channels.

Becoming an expert in one type of digital marketing is an easier option than creating a website on a broad marketing niche.

4. Online Education

At the moment, online education isn’t over-saturated niche and has an average of $12.08 CPC rate – that is a very high one. Most people who search for keywords relevant to online education want to find online courses. It means that most keywords on online education have a buying intent.

A blog in that niche can publish tips and training on different educations topics, or even promote or sell online courses. You’ll need some knowledge to create this type of content, but the rewards from Google Ads can be great.

5. Insurance

With an average CPC at $17.55, it is the niche with the most expensive ads on the internet.

As the online education niche, insurance is also a good niche for AdSense because of the high CPC rate. You will only need 5-6 clicks on average to make $100. However, the traffic potential is not great, and creating a blog in this niche requires very good knowledge of the topic.

There are insurance blogs with tips on how to find the best option for you and various insurance tips. If you already have some knowledge in this topic, it can become a competitor.

6. Travel

Your success with a travel blog and Google AdSense depends on the places that you have visited and written about. Some places have more advertising competition than others. You can expect your earnings and traffic to go up on specific months of each year as well because this niche can be quite seasonal.

The good news is that there are many places to visit and mention in your posts. You can never run out of ideas, so it’s on you to keep adding content and get more advertising revenue.

Lastly, you can create videos on your travels, publish them on YouTube, and earn even more money from Google AdSense.

7. Technology

The technology niche includes new software, tools, and information. Companies have no problem to push a lot of money in advertising when they launch their products.

Also, it has a passionate audience that wants to learn about new technology trends. The result can be huge amounts of traffic and AdSense earnings.

The two more popular types of blogs in the technology niche is the tech news blogs and how-to guides. The first one requires constant updates and bloggers who are willing to research and stay up to date.

For how-to guides in the technology niche, you need only basic knowledge because many people ask advice even for the simplest things.

This niche also works extremely well with affiliate marketing, and you can add it on top of your Google Adsense revenue.

8. Real Estate

When people sell and buy property, you can expect high advertising bids. This niche has an audience that is interested in making more money through investing, and there is another group of people who search for a new house.

The real estate niche can have ups and downs depending on the trends, but you can always expect a good CPC. People will not stop buying properties.

Starting a blog on real estate could make sense if you give tips to people who search for houses. You may consider giving local advice too because most users search for houses in specific areas.

9. Beauty and Skincare

With a CPC rate at $1.86, this niche does not sound impressive as other options on this list. However, there are too many people who daily search for content in this niche on search engines and social media. Content in video format works very well because people can see techniques and apply them.

You don’t have to become a makeup artist. There are blogs with tips, how-to guides, and product reviews. If you are consistent and help people, you can build a huge and loyal audience in this niche.

10. Dating Advice

Dating is one of three major niches on the internet. The other two are the make money online niche and health. It’s all because relationships are important to people, and people are willing to research and invest in it.

So, you can expect tons of traffic with a blog about dating advice. Google AdSense can be a great monetizing method. There are many marketers who create guides or dating sites that bid for relevant keywords, and you can get a decent share of that!

The best part is that you can find many profitable sub-niches. For example, you can focus on men, women, senior dating, pick up artists, alpha males, etc. Each sub-niche has unique characteristics and demographics that make it really interesting.

how does google adsense work

 Importance of Keywords

The advertisers do not bid on niches but on specific keywords. The CPC rates mentioned above are the average ones based on different keywords.

However, there are keywords in these niches that are not worth more than a few cents per click, and there are keywords that are worth dollars.

The best option is to create an account on Google Ads and check the CPC rates of each keyword by yourself. CPC keyword research is a very important task when writing your content, so you definitely don’t want to miss that.

You must target buying keywords in your content if you want the best results with Google AdSense. These are the keywords that people search when they are interested in buying a product, and these are the keywords that bring the biggest profits.

On the other hand, often people search only for information, and they do not have many chances to buy anything, so the advertisers do not bid on them.

A good strategy is to target keywords that include the name of the product or guides that include products. That’s how you can go around the competition and get the best cost per clicks.


You can find many interesting niches and sub-niches on the list above, however, you must do your own detailed keyword research within any kind of niche

The next step is to start your blog and make money. It can take some work to create content that is needed, but it can be faster if you work on the niche you like.

There is no limit on how much money you can earn with Google AdSense. As you keep adding content and optimize your posts for SEO, you can increase your earnings as much as you want. There are many success stories with AdSense, and you can become another one if you take action.


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