Best Clickbank Products To Promote in 2023

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Clickbank offers an amazing opportunity to earn big money by promoting the best digital products on the entire affiliate marketplace.

The main reason why you should choose the Clickbank for your affiliate marketing promotions is that it offers super high commission rates ranging from 50% to 75% per sale.

In fact, Clickbank is one of the few places on the Internet where you can get over $1000 commissions just from one sale!

You can also find many products there to promote on the recurring commission basis, meaning that some products will require customer’s monthly subscriptions, and you will get paid each month.

To find the best products to promote on Clickbank in 2021, I have individually analyzed every niche and a product, to come up with a top list.

This list is just an objective guide that could save you some time, however, I do really recommend to do your own research, and find the niches you are interested in as well as the products you would actually enjoy promoting.

What is ClickBank?

Clickbank is a platform that connects product creators and marketers. The vast majority of the products found in the Clickbank marketplace are digital products, however, there are few physical products too.

As mentioned before, with Clickbank you can get 50-75% commissions, which is very high, compared to other affiliate marketplaces, like for example Amazon.

The reason why Clickbank offers such big commission rates is that it mainly offers digital products.

It’s because there’s no cost for a vendor involved in producing copies or shipping those digital products, so it makes sense why they can give affiliates such large commissions.

Digital products on Clickbank consist of ebooks, video guides, electronic services, software and more.

They will be instantly available for a purchaser to download and use them, and they usually offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, which increases customer’s trust.

Clickbank provides their affiliates with a unique hop affiliate link which tracks the purchases and affiliate payouts.

So, always try to make sure that you have your unique affiliate link correct, otherwise, you might lose your commissions.

How to Choose a Great Clickbank Product:

Before we get into the list of top Clickbank products, let’s define the main factors that can help you to decide whether the product is right to promote, or not.

There are several things you want to take into account when choosing the right Clickbank affiliate product. You want to make sure that the product is selling, or it has the potential to get sold.

Also, you want to decide whether the product is worth your time based on how much you can earn from it.

It is a good idea to find products that have the right balance between the sale’s price and gravity (the number of people who sold the product one or more times in the last 12 weeks)

For example, if the product has a low price, but has a high gravity, that means you are most likely to get small, but frequent commissions because low priced products tend to convert better.

And, if the product has a high price, but low gravity, you are likely to get big, but less frequent commissions.

Usually, lower-priced products convert better than higher ticket products, but if you manage to find a high-ticket product that converts well (or has high gravity) it indicates that you have found a great product to promote.

Often, but not always necessary, you would want a product to have some promotional tools, like product images, banners, demographics, etc. That could save you some time in a process as you won’t have to research or create your own.

And lastly, but most importantly, you want to have at least some interest in that product.

In your Clickbank affiliate marketing journey you will have to provide a lot of content around the product you promote. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than writing and creating another type of content about the product or niche you don’t like.

To put it simply, when choosing a Clickbank product you want to see:

  • At least minimal interest in the niche or a product
  • High, or at least some Gravity (number of affiliates sold the product lately)
  • Average Sale Price
  • Promotional Tools

Quick Tip: Products that have gravity under 5 are probably not worth your attention as they just don’t sell, so try to focus on the products that have higher numbers of gravity.

Also, you can check when the product has been added to a marketplace. If the product has low gravity and it was added a long time ago, it is probably having the bad luck of getting sales and has a little potential to sell and make money.

But, if the product has low gravity, and has been added to the marketplace recently, you can closely watch it and give it a try.

Promoting newly added products is a good strategy, because there will be fewer chances of affiliate competition, but you also have to know that the product is going to kick off.

A good idea is to go and do research on the vendor’s previous products. If the vendor had success selling his products in the past, chances are that his new products are also going to sell.

What Are The Best Niches and Products on Clickbank?

To make it easier, I have conducted a list based on the best Clickbank niches. These niches are generally the most profitable, and it doesn’t only apply to Clickbank.

But, as it was mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to follow your inner voice and focus on the niche and products that you are genuinely interested in.

So, if any of the products listed below appear in your favorite niche, you have very good chances to succeed with it, because they are making money in 2021!

Advice For You: Doing product reviews on your blog is far the best way to promote Clickbank products. To do well with the review strategy, it’s highly recommended that you actually buy the product you want to promote. By doing so, you are standing out of competition in the first place, because majority of affiliates will copy other affiliates stuff and that’s not the right way to succeed on Google and rank your review page. To succeed on Google and engage with the readers, you need to provide some unique, in-depth information about the product, as well as some original images if possible. Believe it, with a little investment you can go way far ahead from you competitors.

Health And Fitness Niche:

People want to be healthy and they are willing to spend money on their health. It is not only a healthy body that matters but also great body shape. Therefore, products like fitness/weight loss guides are receiving huge attention from worldwide audiences.

Cinderella Solution

promote Cinderella Solution

Gravity – 384 (Super High!)

Average Sale – $36 (Average)

Affiliate Tools: Banners, Few Product Images, Landing Page Templates, Email Swipes, Facebook Ads Copy/Images

What is it? Cinderella Solution is a weight loss e-book based on diet and exercises for women.

Target audience: Women in the age of 40-65 who want to lose weight

Why to promote it?

  • Highest conversions on Clickbank that converts 1 in 12 affiliate link clicks of cold targeted traffic, and even more in paid traffic campaigns
  • Profitable niche and wide market
  • Low refund rates, so you are less likely to lose your earned commission
  • High pp-sells
  • Good affiliate support

Affiliate Page: Click Here

Halki Diabetes Remedy

halki diabetes remedy affiliate product

Gravity  – 294 (Super High!)

Average Sale: $31 (Average)

Affiliate Tools: Email Swipes, Web Banners, Product Images, Lead Magnets, SEO Keywords, Landing Pages, Foreign Language Versions.

 What is it? A digital program that solves weight loss and diabetes which is based on real science and research.

Target Audience: Men and women over 50 years who are suffering from diabetes and/or want to lose weight.

Why to promote it?

  • Great converting landing page
  • 75% commissions of all upsell
  • Wide market and product that solves a painful problem
  • Low refund rate
  • A lot of promotional tools

Affiliate PageClick Here

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Gravity: 106 (High)

Average Sale: $68 (High)

Affiliate Tools: Email Swipes, Product Images, Banners, Videos, Affiliate Marketing Training Resources,

What is it? DVD & Manual from the reputable vendor – Critical Bench. It focuses on eliminating back pain, weight loss and improving overall health – all by improving your hip flexors.

Target Audience: People with back/joint pain, or/and people who want to lose weight.

Why to promote it?

  • The product offers a solution to a wide audience, that encounters multiple problems.
  • Converts well and offers high commission price
  • Offers recurring commissions
  • Low refund rate
  • It offers 1 click upsells, so you can triple your commissions per sale
  • Has 60 lasting cookie, meaning if your customers come back later and purchase the product within 60 days you still get a commission

Affiliate Page: Click Here


leptitox affiliate product

Gravity: 191 (Super High!)

Average Sale: $67(High)

Affiliate Tools: Email Swipes, Product Images, Banners, SEO Keywords, Ad Headlines, Written Content

What is it? Leptitox is one of the few physical products on Clickbank. It is a supplement that treats weight loss and obesity.

Target Audience: People (more likely women) over 40 who want to lose weight.

Why to promote it?

  • High priced and converting well
  • Broad market and product that solves the painful issue
  • Top tie commissions for top affiliates
  • Low refund rate and high customer satisfaction
  • A wide selection of affiliate tools

Affiliate Page: Click Here

E-Business & E-Marketing Niche (Make Money Online Niche):

This niche is also known as “make money online niche”. It supplies online businesses with the tools to improve their business performance. There you can also find online money-making solutions, guides, and courses.

Super Affiliate System

super affiliate system product

Gravity – 52.90 (Medium)

Average Sale – $495 (Super high!)

Affiliate Tools:  Email Swipes, Facebook Ads Swipes, YouTube Ads Swipes, Free Traffic Method Swipes, Product Images, Videos.

What is it? 6-week course from the well-known internet marketer John Crestani about affiliate marketing and paid traffic methods – for beginners and advanced.

Target Audience:  People who want to make money online, create an online business.

Why to promote it?

  • Extremely High commissions per sale and converts well on all traffic channels
  • Great variety of ways to promote the product
  • Recurring commissions available
  • Wide profitable market
  • A reputable and popular vendor

Affiliate Page: Click Here

clickbank university 2.0

Get Paid For Your Opinions!

get paid for your opinions product

Gravity – 100 (High)

Average Sale – $52 (Average)

Affiliate Tools:  Banners

What is it? The platform where people can get paid completing online surveys

Target Audience:  People who want to make quick extra cash online

Why to promote it?

  • Converts well (1 sale out of 50 visitors) with fairly good commission payouts
  • Free start-up bonuses
  • Recurring commissions available
  • Very broad market
  • Reputable product (featured on Entrepreneur, MSNBC, Yahoo News & more)
  • Offers free trial for customers (increased conversion likelihood)

Affiliate Page: Click Here

The Niche Marketing Kit

niche marketing kit product

Gravity – 30 (Medium)

Average Sale – $16 (Low)

Affiliate Tools:  Bonus Templates, Email Swipes

What is it? Digital course that is accessible in the membership area online. It teaches everything about digital marketing, including affiliate marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, email marketing.

Target Audience: Beginner and advanced level marketers, who want to start making money online or want to scale their current income.

Why to promote it?

  • Great value for a low price
  • Available recurring commissions
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Plenty of PLR materials inside
  • Big & profitable niche
  • Reputable vendor
  • High upsells
  • Low keyword competition on Google

Affiliate Page: Click Here

The 12 Minute Affiliate System

the 12 minute affiliate system

Gravity – 173 (Very High)

Average Sale – $53 (Average)

Affiliate Tools:  Email Swipes, Banners

What is it? Digital course that teaches affiliate marketing for beginners.

Target Audience Beginners who want to learn affiliate marketing, start an online business

Why to promote it?

  • Great earning per click
  • Best conversions on Clickbank make money niche
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Big & Profitable Niche
  • Reputable vendor
  • High Upsells with the possibility to earn up to $797 of commission

Affiliate Page: Click Here

Clickbank University 2.0

clickbank university 2.0Gravity – 44.45 (Medium)

Average Sale – $201.31 (Very high)

Affiliate Tools:  Email Swipes, Demographics, Keywords, Banner Ads, Lead Magnet (eBook)

What is it? Official Clickbank training for vendors and affiliates who want to make money on Clickbank platform.

Target Audience:  Broad worldwide audience who want to make money online

Why to promote it?

  • Extremely trusted and reputable vendor
  • Big variety of ways to promote the product
  • High upsells
  • High-quality product with good content inside
  • Recurring commissions available
  • Wide profitable market

Affiliate Page: Click Here



Average Sale – $20.50 (Low)

Gravity: 33.13 (Average)

Affiliate Tools:  Affiliate link cloaker

What is it? A membership platform with tons of different PLR materials, including eBooks, videos, courses, articles and more.

Target Audience:  Slightly advanced digital marketers

Why to promote it?

  • Great variety of ways to promote the product
  • Earn on every free referred member
  • Narrow/uncompetitive niche
  • Nice bonuses

Affiliate Page: Click Here

Green Niche:

Today, due to global environmental issues people are ready to invest in green products that could not only save their pockets, but also the planet.

Backyard Revolution

backyard revolution product

Gravity – 119 (High)

Average Sale – $43 (Average)

Affiliate Tools:  Email Swipes, Banners, Product Images

What is it? A step-by-step guide of setting up homemade solar power that saves money.

Target Audience Household owners in sunny living areas, people who want to save money on electricity bills

Why to promote it?

  • Great conversion (6-18%) and good commission price
  • Trending niche
  • Recurring commissions
  • $1 Trial
  • Reputable vendor
  • Low refund Rates – 3%
  • High upsells with the possibility to earn up to $797 of commission

Landing Page: Click Here

Affiliate Page: Click Here

New Battery Reconditioning Course

Gravity – 104 (High)

Average Sale – $50 (Average)

Affiliate Tools: Email Swipes, Banners, Landing Pages, Facebook Ad Kit, Keywords, Demographics, Product Images, Videos, Learning Resources, Foreign Language Versions

What is it?  A digital program that teaches how to fix old batteries and bring them to life. It also teaches how to make money from old batteries by repairing and selling them.

Why to promote it?

  • High conversions – 10%+
  • New and trending niche
  • Earn up to $148.50 per sale
  • Low refund rates – below 2%
  • A variety of promotional tools

Affiliate Page: Click Here

Dating Niche

People care about their relationships and Clickbank’s marketplace reveals that people are ready to invest in it. Surprisingly, the majority of best-selling dating products are designed for women.

His Secret Obsession

his secret obsession product

Gravity – 156 (Very High)

Average Sale – $46 (Average)

Affiliate Tools:  Sample Emails, Banners, Promotion Links, Custom Reports. Product Review, Promotion Guides, Articles, Landing Pages, Buyer Demographics,

What is it? It is a digital book written by relationship expert James Bauer, based on over 12 years worth of research and experience. It focuses on helping women increase their relationships with men.

Target Audience: Married/Engaged/In a relationship women

Why to promote it?

  • This product is selling
  • Painful/profitable niche
  • Converts well with cold and warm traffic
  • Offers recurring commissions
  • A lot of upsells/downsells
  • Variety of promotional tools
  • Offers commissions up to 90%

Affiliate Page: Click Here

Text Chemistry: Use Texts To Make Men Love You

text chemistry product promote

Gravity – 84 (High)

Average Sale – $48 (Average)

Affiliate Tools:  Email Swipes, Banners, Product Images,

What is it? A guide created by Amy North teaching women how to impress men through the text.

Target Audience:  Single women, women in a complicated relationship

Why to promote it?

  • Cash Prizes up to $5,000
  • High Converting designed specifically for mobile users
  • Offers recurring commissions
  • 3 Converting Upsells

Affiliate Page: Click Here

Final Words:

With top-selling digital products, Clickbank makes affiliate marketing easy and effective. To find out if Clickbank product has the potential to make you money, you need to take into account factors like – sales volume, average sales price, quality of landing page, affiliate tools and other things.

However, almost every single product on Clickbank has great chances to make you money if you follow the right marketing strategy and put enough of work.

You are most likely going to produce more work if you choose a niche and the product that you are interested in, rather than working on something that you don’t like.

Remember, even though Clickbank products may sometimes look scammy, their landing pages were tested a lot of times to convert extremely well, so people really like to buy that kind of stuff, and the products are not actually scammy.

clickbank university 2.0

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