6 Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Despite significant beliefs that utilizing computers and mobile phones during studying can produce adverse impacts, they have evolved to become the most advantageous resources for college students.

Keeping tons of notes, charts, ideas, and concepts has become much simpler. Besides, similar options helped to simplify the process of creating schedules, prioritizing tasks, and staying organized.

If you surf the web, you will come across an array of beneficial and user-friendly apps that are divided into multiple categories. Thus, the choice of the option will depend mainly on your priority.

Do you want to improve your time-management skills? Are you excited about boosted productivity? Do you need help saving information? There are lots of other aspects best apps can help you with, so do not waste your time and rather start reading the information about some services, analyzing their features, and comparing them to alternatives.


No matter if you are working on a usual college report or coursework, you will have to read and analyze a lot of information. Keeping valuable facts in one place and using them at the right time may be challenging unless you use an application that will automate the process and will serve you as a personal helper. Versatility is one of the features customers appreciate the most about the application.

It does not only help to take notes and store references, but it is also a great platform for the management of projects, the creation of calendars, and organizing other processes.

Additionally, it is indispensable to mention that the service is exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive, so you will be able to use a pre-made template instead of creating custom ones.


Referencing is surely one of the most complicated stages of the custom essay writing process, and most students will confirm it. Fortunately, RefMe is the app that will simplify your task and will help you create correct citations, irrespective of the necessary style or format. Just fill in the name of the book and get a necessary citation created. The process is fast and easy, while the result is stunning.

Microsoft Office

Unlike the overwhelming majority of other apps, it is not a single program that will contribute to your educational process. It is a combination of services within one app that can be used for writing notes, creating tables, and making presentations.

The tool is universal for students who do not have much time to learn the specifications of different apps but are rather excited about the accessibility, versatility, and simplicity of the Office. Additionally, it is indispensable to emphasize that all your files can be safely stored in the cloud and accessed at any time and from any device.

Google Drive

Being a college student, you should know how much information you will have to store on the laptop or computer. Unfortunately, most learners cannot afford buying expensive devices with lots of internal memory, so they are continuously searching for alternatives at a reasonable cost.

Google Drive is a cloud-based platform that provides users with free storage space that is easy to access and use. This way, you will keep important notes, photos, PPT presentations, and other files safely stored in the protected space.


While the above-mentioned apps are focused on the academic success of the students, Mint is the service that will help learners become financially independent. One of the most appreciated budgeting apps will provide users with a complete picture of their finances, giving them a chance to come up with a perfect budget plan.

Using Mint, you will find out how much money you can spend on tuition, food, transportation, entertainment, and similar options without damage to your budget.

My Study Life

If you are a diligent, persistent, and goal-oriented student, it may be easy for you to forget about social life, rest, entertainment, and other undertakings inevitable for normal functioning. My Study Life is a great app that will help you balance your social and academic life, having enough time for both.

Use the platform to make plans, leaving enough time for studying and still having a chance to relax and enjoy life. Additionally, the app will remind you of the healthy sleeping habits that are inevitable for your maximum productivity.

Additionally, it is critical to mention that apart from the beneficial, easy-to-use, and helpful applications available online, college students can take advantage of innovative platforms that will make studying even simpler.

Take your time to browse the web, detect some of the essay writing services, like speedypaper.com, read information about them, check out the reviews, talk to the support representatives, and let the professionals assist you with the most demanding and complicated projects.

Affordability, simplicity, an individual approach to every customer, and a 100% safety guarantee are the features most students appreciate. Thus, if none of the above-mentioned applications can help you thrive with the challenging assignment, the experienced writers will surely assist you.