11 Best AI Writing Tools & Software of 2023

Artificial Intelligence’s (AI) emergence has paved the way for significant changes across diverse industries, and the realm of writing has not been spared from this revolution.

AI writing tools have become indispensable tools for many professionals, bloggers, authors, and various content creators looking to improve their writing efficiency and quality.

From automating content creation to providing personalized writing suggestions, these tools have made writing easier, faster, and more accurate.

In this article, we will be exploring the best AI writing tools available on the market. We will take a closer look at their features, benefits, limitations, and pricing to help you make an informed decision about which tool is best for your specific needs.

But before we get into the list of the best AI copywriting tools, let’s have a look at what an efficient AI writing tool is capable of.

What AI Writing Tool Can Do For You?

AI writing tools harness the power of GPT-3, and GPT-4, along with natural language processing, to provide a range of capabilities.

These tools can generate human-like text, spanning articles, essays, blog posts, and product descriptions, with coherence and great contextual relevance.

Through natural language processing, they understand and interpret user queries, enabling voice or text-based interactions.

Moreover, AI writing tools excel at contextual understanding, analyzing the given text to deliver accurate and contextually appropriate suggestions and responses.

Here’s a list of what a sophisticated AI writing tool is capable of:

  • Generating human-like text: AI writing tools are capable of generating coherent and contextually relevant text that closely resembles human writing. They can produce articles, essays, blog posts, product descriptions, and more.
  • Creative writing assistance: AI writing tools can offer suggestions, prompts, and ideas to inspire creative writing. They can generate story outlines, character names, and even contribute to the plot development.
  • Personalized writing style: AI tools can adapt to different writing styles and tones based on user preferences. They can imitate the style of specific authors or cater to different target audiences.
  • Content summarization: AI tools can read and analyze lengthy pieces of content and provide concise summaries, capturing the key points and main ideas.
  • Content rewriting: AI rewriting tools can rephrase and rewrite existing content while maintaining the core message, helping to avoid plagiarism and creating unique variations of the same information.
  • Language translation: AI-powered translation tools can accurately translate text from one language to another, enabling communication and understanding across different linguistic barriers.
  • Proofreading and grammar correction: AI tools can identify and correct grammar mistakes, spelling errors, punctuation issues, and other common writing errors, helping users improve the overall quality and accuracy of their writing.
  • Plagiarism detection: AI-powered tools can compare a given text with vast databases and online sources to identify potential instances of plagiarism, ensuring originality and integrity in writing.
  • Book writing assistance: AI book writing tools can assist authors in the process of writing books. They can provide plot suggestions, character development ideas, and help with organizing chapters or sections.
  • Social media content generation: AI social media content generators can generate engaging visuals with captions, suggest trending hashtags, and help create compelling posts optimized for different social media platforms.
  • Course creation: AI course creators can assist you in creating not only course outlines, titles, and descriptions, but also content for the lessons.
  • SEO optimization: AI tools can help optimize content for search engines by suggesting relevant keywords, improving readability, and structuring content in a way that enhances search engine visibility.
  • Data analysis and reporting: AI tools can analyze large sets of data in seconds and generate reports, summaries, or insights based on the analyzed information. This can be useful in fields such as market research, data journalism, or business intelligence.
  • Efficient Note-taking: AI tools transcribe spoken words into written text for detailed note-taking during meetings or lectures, enhancing information organization.
  • Meeting Scheduling: These tools can schedule and manage meetings, send reminders, and prepare agendas, improving time management and productivity.

AI writing tools offer numerous benefits that can help individuals and organizations improve their writing process, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and a lot more.

The main benefits of using these tools include – increased productivity, improved writing quality, consistency in style, accessibility for non-native speakers, automated content generation, personalized content, and most importantly – significant cost savings by reducing the need for extensive human resources.

Best AI Writing Tools & Software of 2023:

Now that you know how AI tools can help you in content creation, let’s dive into the list of the best available AI writing solutions that can generate high-quality unique, and customized content for many purposes:

1. Jasper

jasper ai

When it comes to the best AI copywriting tools, Jasper AI is always at the top of the list.

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis) is a versatile and cutting-edge AI-powered content generation tool that has been rebranded several times over the past 2 years. But through all the changes, Jasper has maintained its excellence in AI writing and content creation.

With a suite of over 50 copywriting templates, Jasper can produce a wide range of AI-generated content, including SEO-friendly blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, engaging stories, and a lot more.

Jasper can suggest ideas, rewrite the text, simplify complex information, and expand upon existing content. It can also write in over 25 languages, and the integration with a plagiarism checker will ensure you get 100% unique content.

Whether you are an individual marketer or a large business organization, Jasper can increase your content output 5x.

Main Features:

  • Powered by GPT-3 language prediction model
  • 100% original content with zero plagiarism
  • 50+ copywriting templates for various writing purposes
  • The long-form writer generates lengthy pieces of content
  • Supports 25+ universal languages
  • Easy-to-navigate interface with shortcut tools
  • Supports Commands feature for a smoother workflow
  • Supports Recipes function for easy command-based writing
  • Grammarly integration for grammar and styling correction
  • Integration with Surfer SEO for SEO-optimized content
  • Supports Chrome extension for writing on the go
  • Multiple users and even large teams can share the accounts


jasper ai pricing

Jasper offers 3 subscription plans with unlimited words per generation and access to all copywriting templates.

Here’re the subscription options:

  • Creator: $39/month (1 seat/1 brand voice)
  • Teams: $99/month (3 seats/3 brand voices)
  • Business: Custom pricing (10+ seats/unlimited brand voices)

All plans come with a 7-day trial 100% money-back guarantee.

Try Jasper AI for Free For 7 Days

2. Koala Writer

koala writer

Meet Koala Writer, an AI-driven writing tool used and praised by many well-known bloggers and marketers, such as Jon Dykstra (Fat Stacks), Spence Hawks (Niche Pursuits), and Miles Beckler.

Koala Writer stands out for its ability to churn out unique, SEO-optimized long-form articles that actually rank on Google!

Powered by Chat GPT 3.5 & Chat GPT 4, Koala Writer not only generates high-quality content but also packs features like real-time SERP analysis, AI image generation, and automatic YouTube video embedding.

Its user-centric design ensures that users find it easy and intuitive.

Whether generating Amazon product reviews or rewriting old articles, Koala Writer showcases impressive adaptability.

Its seamless integration with WordPress further enhances the user experience, simplifying the publishing process.

koala writer interface

Main Features:

  • GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 powered writing
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • AI-Powered SEO optimization
  • Access to real-time data
  • AI image generation & YT video embedding
  • Bulk article generation
  • Amazon product roundup writing
  • Outline editor
  • Koala Chat ChatBot (Powered by Claude)
  • Integration with WordPress


koala writer pricing

Koala Writer offers several pricing plans starting from just $9 a month.

Here are the pricing options:

  • Essentials: $9/mo (KoalaWriter: 15,000 words per month/KoalaChat: 250 messages per month)
  • Starter: $25/mo (KoalaWriter: 45,000 words per month/KoalaChat: 500 messages per month)
  • Professional: $49/mo (KoalaWriter: 100,000 words per month/KoalaChat: 1,000 messages per month)
  • Boost: $99/mo (KoalaWriter: 250,000 words per month/KoalaChat: 2,500 messages per month)
  • Growth: $179/mo (KoalaWriter: 500,000 words per month/KoalaChat: 5000 messages per month)
  • Elite: $350/mo (KoalaWriter: 1,000,000 words per month/KoalaChat: 10,000 messages per month)

For those wanting to test this amazing AI writing tool, Koala Writer offers a free trial with 5,000 words.

Try Koala Writer For Free: Click Here

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3. Agility Writer

agility writer

Agility Writer is a recent yet very powerful AI writing tool that can deliver well-written unique and SEO-optimized articles in a single mouse click.

Whether you need a comprehensive 8,000-word article, an SEO-optimized piece, or a compelling 5,000-word product roundup review Agility Writer has got you covered.

By crawling the top-ranking results, it swiftly generates articles that pass AI content detectors, delivering accurate and up-to-date factual data.

Its smart outline builder, a bulk mode for mass production, and instant publishing to WordPress enable many marketers and business owners to save time in the content creation process.

The best thing?

Unlike the majority of AI writing software, Agility Writer charges per whole article instead of words, so you can generate lengthy pieces of content at a fraction of the cost.

Main Features:

  • GPT-4 powered writing tool
  • In-depth factually correct generated content
  • One-click mode for easy content generation
  • Advanced mode for advanced article writing
  • Smart outline builder
  • Amazon product roundup review writing
  • Bulk mode for generating up to 50 articles at a time
  • Optimize mode and competition analysis
  • Integration with MidJourney for image generation
  • Post directly to the WordPress function


agility writer pricing

Agility Writer operates on a credit system allowing you to purchase monthly credits and use them to generate whole articles.

1 credit = 1 article, and you can buy credits with various monthly plans with a current 10% discount.

Here are all the pricing plans:

  • Basic: $25/mo (32 credits)
  • Pro: $88/mo (120 credits)
  • Premium: $205/mo (320 credits)
  • Elite: $475/mo (800 credits)
  • Ultimate: $1600/mo (32 credits)

To try the software out, Agility Writer offers a $1 trial, which will give you 3 credits, and 10 extra credits if you join their Facebook Group.

So you can basically start by generating up to 13 articles for just 1$.

Try Agility Writer for 1$

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4. Copy AI

copy ai

Copy AI is a lightweight and easy-to-use AI writing tool that can be a lifesaver for those struggling with writer’s block.

Powered by GPT-3, it can generate various types of content fast, including long-form articles, marketing copy, digital ad copy, and sales copy.

Its AI output is of high quality and requires minimal editing, and the forever free plan ensures you can take advantage of this tool at no cost.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a freelancer on a budget, Copy AI’s 90+ copywriting tools, and supported multiple seats will help you achieve your writing goals faster.

Besides generating content from scratch, Copy AI offers additional features like sentence rewriting, simplifying sentences, and improving verbs.

Main Features:

  • Provides 90+ tools and copywriting templates
  • User-friendly, fast and easy-to-use interface
  • Real-time data scraping  (Chat by Copy.ai feature)
  • Great SEO-writing capabilities
  • Comes with a forever free plan with 2,000 words/mo
  • Allows to create unlimited projects
  • High-quality email writing templates
  • Supports Google Chrome extension
  • Writes in 29+ languages 
  • Advanced built-in grammar checker
  • Integrated content research tools
  • Free content writing tools
  • Suitable for teams
  • Forever free plan


Copy AI offers one free and two premium pricing plans that enable access to all copywriting tools and templates.

Here are the subscription options:

  • Free plan: 0$/mo (2,000 words/1 user)
  • Pro: $36/mo (Unlimited words/5 users)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Try Copy AI For Free: Click Here

5. Rytr


Rytr is an excellent AI writing tool that stands out as one of the most affordable options available.

Recognized by G2 as one of the leading brands in the AI writing space, Rytr enables writers to effortlessly create engaging copy across more than 40 use cases.

With a wide range of language types and tones, writers have endless possibilities to craft their content in over 30 languages.

Apart from generating unique content from scratch, Rytr offers content rewriting functions, tone-checking features, as well as built-in plagiarism detectors, and grammar-checkers to ensure originality and professionalism.

Moreover, Rytr even allows users to generate images using AI. The best part is that Rytr offers a free forever plan, with the option to upgrade as needed when scaling up.

Main Features:

  • Powered by GPT-3 technology
  • Provides +40 copywriting templates for short and long-form content
  • Content generation in over 30 languages
  • 20+ supported writing tones and styles
  • Great content-improver functions
  • Create your own custom use case
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • AI image generation capabilities
  • Grammar correction
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Collaborative features
  • Forever free plan


rytr pricing

Rytr offers 3 pricing plans that provide access to all features. The main difference between the plans is the monthly character generation limit.

Here are the subscription options:

  • Forever free: 0$/mo (10k characters)
  • Saver plan: $9/mo (100k characters)
  • Unlimited plan: $29/mo (unlimited characters)

Try Rytr for Free: Click Here

6. Predis.ai

predis ai

Predis.ai is an all-in-one AI-powered social media marketing tool that has transformed the content creation game for many marketers.

Combining the powers of ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite, this platform streamlines the process of creating high-quality content for social media platforms.

From captivating Instagram Reels to stunning product videos for e-commerce stores and highly converting ad copies, Predis.ai does it all.

With its AI-generated content capabilities, intuitive editor, and competitor analysis feature, you can stay ahead of the competition and consistently produce engaging posts. The tool also offers a content scheduler, allowing to plan and schedule social media posts in one place.

Whether you’re a social media manager, content creator, or e-commerce owner, Predis.ai can be the ultimate productivity tool for creating captivating social media content.

Main Features:

  • AI-social media post generation
  • Intuitive visual photo and video editor
  • Create social media for multi-use cases (reels, images, carrousels, memes, etc)
  • Integration with all social media platforms (Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others)
  • Integration with e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Woocommerce, and others)
  • Post scheduler and content calendar
  • Post idea generator
  • Competition analysis
  • Forever free plan


predis ai pricing

Predis.ai offers a range of pricing plans dedicated to suit different user needs. The plans include Free, Solo, Starter, and Agency.

Here’s the comparison between all plans:

  • Free: 0$/mo (1 Brand, 15 AI-Generated Posts, 10 Competitor Analysis Runs, Predis.ai Watermark)
  • Solo: 29$/mo (1 Brand, 120 AI-Generated Posts, 60 Competitor Analysis Runs, 2 Team Members, Chat by Predis.ai
    25,000 Words/month)
  • Starter: 59$/mo (2 Brands, Unlimited AI-Generated Posts, Unlimited Competitor Analysis Runs, 2 Team Members, Chat by Predis.ai 60,000 Words/month)
  • Agency: 139$/mo (5 Brands, Unlimited AI-Generated Posts, Unlimited Competitor Analysis Runs, 6 Team Members, Chat by Predis.ai 250,000 Words/month)

With a free plan available, you can easily experience its benefits firsthand. Give Predis.ai a try and revolutionize your social media marketing game today.

Create 15 AI-Generated posts with Predis.ai for free

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7. Sudowrite


Sudowrite is your ultimate ally for enhancing creative output. It’s not just an AI writer- it’s a sophisticated assistant designed specifically for fiction writers.

This high-tech tool boasts unique features that make it stand out from many AI tools that people use for fiction writing, including ChatGPT and NovelAI.

Sudowrite helps generate captivating ideas for characters, plot points, and story settings. This tool also serves as a fantastic brainstorming assistant, generating ideas for characters and plot points to fuel your creativity. In addition, the AI provides vocabulary suggestions to enrich your writing.

The user-friendly interface of Sudowrite makes it one of the preferred choices among users looking for an advanced AI content generation tool. From creating intricate plot twists to crafting compelling poems, Sudowrite’s versatile templates cater to diverse writing needs effectively.

Main Features:

  • AI Writing Assistant for fiction writers
  • Generates captivating outlines and brainstorms ideas
  • Creates characters and novel images
  • Aids in revising and editing existing work
  • Adds conflicts, twists, and drama to stories
  • Brainstorms creative ideas and characters
  • Summarizes content with unexpected twists
  • Rewrites sections with different tones
  • Expands highlighted lines for new directions
  • Adjusts tone and customizes writing styles
  • Crafts poetry and generates poetic lines
  • Supports Google Chrome extension


Sudowrite offers 3 straightforward pricing, that only vary in terms of monthly generated word limit.

Here are the available pricing options:

  • Hobby & Student: $10/mo (30,000 words)
  • Professional: $25/mo (90,000 words)
  • Max: $100/mo (300,000 words)

Before you subscribe to any of the plans, Sudowrite offers a free trial for 3 days without a credit card.

Try Sudowrite for free

Check out the full Sudowrite review

8. Writesonic


Continuing with the list of the best general AI copywriting tools, Writesonic is a revolutionary option to eliminate writer’s block and speed up your content creation process.

With over 100 AI writing templates, Writesonic offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help marketers, content creators, and business owners create engaging and effective content in minutes.

Some of the most popular tools of Writesonic include a long-form AI article writer, an ad creator for various platforms, a landing page copywriter, and content idea generation.

With Writesonic, you can choose from a wide range of templates for different purposes, including real estate listings, listicles, personal bios, and many more.

The software’s simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to create content in just a few clicks, with support for 25 different languages.

If you’re looking for a powerful AI writing tool to help you generate high-quality copy quickly, Writesonic is definitely worth considering.

Main Features:

  • Powered by GPT-3, GPT-4, and GPT-4 32K language models
  • Botsonic – no-code AI chatbot builder
  • Built-in Chatsonic – a better Chat GPT alternative
  • Long-form & short-form copy generator
  • Over 100 copywriting templates are available
  • 1-click WordPress export function
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Zapier integration
  • 25+ supported languages
  • Sonic Editor (Google Docs-like Editor)
  • Opportunity to add brand voices
  • AI image generation
  • Bulk processing
  • Up to 15 users on board


writesonic pricing

Wordsonic offers one main subscription plan which pricing depends on the number of words generated per month with the number of users added to the account.

Here’re some pricing options based on monthly words and user seats:

  • 100,000 words: $12.67/mo (1 user)
  • 300,000 words: $32.67/mo (5 users)
  • 600,000 words: $66/mo (5 users)
  • 1,200,000 words: $132.67/mo (10 users)
  • 3,000,000 words: $332.67/mo (12 users)
  • 6,000,000 words: $666/mo (15 users)

Before you subscribe to any of the plans you can jump on a free trial with 10,000 words to determine if this tool works for you.

9. Copysmith


Copysmith is an AI tool for individuals and agencies who are looking for ways to effectively create content for e-commerce stores.

The platform offers a variety of tools, including an article builder, caption generator, and product description creator, to help you generate high-quality content around products.

In addition to its content generation capabilities, Copysmith also provides solutions for rewriting existing content, SEO optimization, voice, and tone adjustment as well as for generating ideas for partnerships, innovations, and sponsorships.

To increase efficiency, the platform conveniently integrates with numerous third-party e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Amazon, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and others.

Must also add that ClosersCopy supports over 65 languages, and a plagiarism-checking feature is included to ensure that the generated content is unique.

Main Features:

  • Efficient AI article writing assistant
  • Bulk content generation
  • Voice and tone adjustment
  • Efficient content optimization tools
  • Centralized product data management
  • In-depth performance analysis
  • Integrated plagiarism checker
  • Wide range of 3rd party integrations
  • Over 65 supported languages
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Team collaboration features (up to 20 users)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


copysmith pricing

Copysmith offers 3 paid pricing options along with a 3-day trial.

Here are the pricing plans:

  • Starter: $19/mo (20,000 words/1 user)
  • Pro: $49/mo (unlimited words/5 users)
  • Enterprise: Contact support to get the price (unlimited words/20 users)

If you subscribe to any of the plans and it turns out that this tool is not for you, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try Copysmith for free: Click Here

10. ClosersCopy


Closers Copy is a cutting-edge AI writing tool that offers a unique solution for businesses looking to improve their content creation and marketing efforts.

Unlike other AI writing tools that rely on GPT-3 technology, Closers Copy has created its own proprietary AI algorithms specifically designed for marketing copy. This means that businesses using Closers Copy can expect real marketing copy that sells, without the restrictions and limitations imposed by content filters.

In addition to its AI capabilities, Closers Copy offers a range of features that are designed to make content creation and marketing more accessible and efficient.

With 700+ marketing frameworks, a range of built-in templates, and the ability to write content in 127 languages, Closers Copy has everything businesses need to create effective, high-quality content. The platform also offers great collaboration features for teams, a community library, and content writing automation, making it easy to streamline your content creation process.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert writer, Closers Copy is easy to use and provides you with the tools you need to increase your website’s traffic and conversion rates.

With a Facebook community and course available, businesses can learn how to get the most out of the platform, and with lifetime plans available, you can save money while benefiting from Closers Copy for years to come.


  • 300+ Marketing Frameworks
  • Collaboration Features For Teams
  • Community Libraries
  • 3 Unique AI Algorithms (Blog AI, Sales AI, Story AI)
  • +700 Marketing Frameworks
  • Over 127 Supported Languages
  • SEO Audits and Planning
  • Great Facebook Community


closerscopy pricing

ClosersCopy offers three plans:

  • Power ($49.99/month)
  • Superpower ($79.99/month)
  • Superpower Squad ($99.99/month)

The Power Plan includes 300 AI runs/month, 50 SEO audits/month, 2 user seats, and long-form content generation.

Superpower adds unlimited AI writing, unlimited SEO audits, unlimited updates, and 3 user seats, while the Superpower Squad plan just adds 5 user seats.

Unfortunately, there’s no free trial available with ClosersCopy, however, the platform offers a 14-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked, in case you are not satisfied with the software.

Try ClosersCopy: Click Here

11. Scalenut


Scalenut proves to be an outstanding AI writing tool, especially for marketers seeking powerful SEO features.

With its modern and user-friendly interface, Scalenut offers a wide range of AI templates to generate content in various categories like blogging, copywriting, and marketing. It excels in generating high-quality long-form content and provides valuable SEO reports to optimize your articles for better online visibility.

Although Scalenut currently supports only the English language and lacks tones, its AI-generated outputs are impressive, saving time and effort for content creators.

With insightful SEO analysis, user-friendly tools, and a variety of AI templates, Scalenut is undoubtedly a great choice for marketers looking to enhance their content creation process and boost organic traffic.

Main Features:

  • GPT-3 powered AI
  • Long-Form Content Generator
  • Efficient SEO tools
  • Content Optimizer
  • Email copywriting tools
  • Sales Email Generator
  • Video Title & Description Generator
  • Website Copy generation tools
  • Integration with 3rd party tools
  • Social Media Posts tools
  • Text editing tools
  • 1-Click WordPress publish
  • Chrome Extension


scalenut pricing

Scalenut offers 3 pricing plans – Essential, Growth, and Pro.

Here’s a brief comparison of all plans:

  • Essential: $20/mo (100,000 AI words, 5 SEO Articles, 30 Keyword Clusters)
  • Growth:  $40/mo (unlimited AI words, 30 SEO Articles, 30 Keyword Clusters)
  • Pro: $75/mo (unlimited AI words, 75 SEO Articles, 75 Keyword Clusters)

All plans come with a 7-day free trial.

Try Scalenut For Free: Click Here

Final Words:

The use of AI writing tools has become increasingly popular, as they provide numerous benefits for writers and content creators. From increased productivity to improved writing quality, these tools have revolutionized the entire writing process worldwide.

In this article, we explored some of the best AI writing tools available on the market. These solutions offer a range of features, including grammar and spelling checks, automated content generation, and personalized writing suggestions.

They are designed to help writers streamline their writing process, produce high-quality content, and save time and resources. Whether you’re a professional writer, a marketer, or a student, these tools can provide the assistance you need to achieve your writing goals.

In conclusion, AI writing tools are an invaluable resource for anyone looking to improve their writing efficiency and quality. If you’re ready to take your writing to the next level, consider using one of the best AI writing tools available on the market today.