25 Best AI Note Taking Apps, Tools & Software 2023 (Free & Paid)

In the realm of modern technology, AI note-taking apps stand as a beacon of innovation, transforming how we capture, organize, and access information.

Gone are the days of scrambling to jot down notes during crucial meetings or lectures.

AI note-taking apps employ cutting-edge technology to automate and enhance the note-taking process, offering a suite of features that help users in many ways.

From real-time speech-to-text transcription in diverse settings to intelligent content summarization, these apps are redefining efficiency and accuracy in information management.

Whether for academic, professional, or personal use, AI note-taking apps offer tailored solutions, making them indispensable tools in our information-driven world.

In this article we will cover the 25 best free & paid AI note-taking apps, tools, and software, helping you decide which option is the best for you!

What Are AI Note-Taking Apps?

What Are AI Note-Taking Apps?

AI note-taking apps are innovative tools designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of capturing and organizing information.

These applications use AI to automate the process of note-taking, offering a range of features serving diverse needs.

One of the key features of AI note-taking apps is their ability to transcribe speech to text in real time. This is particularly useful in meetings, lectures, or interviews, where the AI can accurately capture spoken words and convert them into written notes.

Many of these apps come with speaker identification capabilities, ensuring that the notes are organized and attributed correctly in multi-speaker environments.

Another significant feature is the summarization of content. AI algorithms can process lengthy documents or audio recordings, extracting key points and creating concise summaries. This feature is invaluable for users who need to quickly grasp the essence of a meeting or a document without going through the entire content.

AI note-taking apps often include integrations with various platforms, such as video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet, and productivity applications like Slack, Trello, or Notion. This integration ensures a seamless workflow, allowing users to access and share their notes across different platforms easily.

In terms of types, these apps range from those focused on academic settings, aiding students in capturing lecture content, to business-oriented apps designed for meeting recaps and action item tracking.

The versatility of AI note-taking apps also extends to personal use, where they can assist in daily task management and personal reminders.

Benefits of AI Notetakers:

AI note-taking apps bring a multitude of practical benefits that go beyond their technical features, significantly impacting how we interact with and manage information:

  • Time-Saving: By automatically transcribing spoken words, these apps save valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual note-taking. This allows users to focus more on the discussion and less on jotting down every word, leading to more efficient and productive meetings or lectures.
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Organization: With features like speaker identification, these tools ensure that notes are not only accurate but also well-organized. This is particularly beneficial in settings with multiple speakers, as it helps to maintain a clear record of who said what.
  • Improved Comprehension and Retention: The summarization capabilities of AI note-taking apps aid in understanding and retaining the core messages of lengthy documents or discussions. This is especially useful for students and professionals who need to review and recall critical information quickly.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Integration with various platforms means that notes and summaries can be seamlessly incorporated into users’ existing workflows. This interconnectedness enhances productivity by reducing the need for switching between different apps and platforms.
  • Accessibility: These tools can be particularly advantageous for individuals with disabilities, such as those with hearing impairments or learning challenges. By providing transcribed text and summaries, AI note-taking apps make information more accessible.
  • Adaptability to Different Needs: The range of AI note-taking apps available today means there’s likely a tool that fits any specific requirement, whether it’s for academic, professional, or personal use. Each app comes with features and settings that can be tailored to the user’s unique needs.

In essence, AI note-taking apps are more than just technological conveniences – they are transformative tools that enhance our ability to capture, organize, and interact with information. They improve our overall efficiency and effectiveness in both professional and personal contexts.

Best AI Note-Taking Apps, Tools & Software:

Now that we know what AI note-taking tools are, let’s dive into the 25 best options available:

 1. Avoma


Avoma is an AI-powered note-taking app that’s a game-changer for businesses communicating to customers and clients. It smartly captures what’s said in calls, figures out the key parts, and updates your customer records, making sure no detail slips through the cracks.

Beyond just taking notes, Avoma is like a central hub where teams can work together, with features for preparing for meetings, sharing insights, and even helping managers coach their teams better.

It fits right into your work tools, linking up with calendars, CRMs, and video call software. So, Avoma is not just about notes—it’s about making every conversation count and helping teams work smarter.

Best For:

  • Teams seeking an all-in-one AI meeting assistant and note-taking solution.
  • Organizations aiming to streamline customer conversation analysis and CRM integration.
  • Sales and customer success professionals looking to maximize productivity with AI-powered insights.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered note-taking
  • Automatic detection of next steps and key points
  • CRM integration
  • Conversation recording and searchable transcripts
  • Shared agenda and call script templates
  • Collaborative note-taking and centralized information storage
  • AI-generated meeting summaries
  • Custom keyword tracking
  • Conversation intelligence for coaching
  • Topic detection and speaker identification
  • Trend analysis across conversations
  • Insights into team performance metrics
  • Unified interface for call recording, transcripts, and summaries


avoma pricing

Avoma offers 5 pricing plans:

  • Basic: $0/mo
  • Starter: $19/mo
  • Plus: $49/mo
  • Business: $79/mo
  • Enterprise: $149/mo
Try Avoma

2. Notion AI

notion ai

Notion AI redefines the concept of note-taking and document creation. It’s a robust platform that feels like a second brain, helping to streamline the flow of ideas and execution.

With its AI capabilities, it can assist users in transforming basic outlines into fleshed-out documents, removing the drudgery of formatting and refining content.

It’s not just about creating from scratch – Notion AI excels in enhancing and summarizing existing notes, identifying key points, and enabling efficient ideation with less effort.

Coupled with a suite of other features for project management and documentation, Notion AI isn’t just another tool—it’s a comprehensive workspace that adapts to your needs, simplifying complex tasks and fostering collaboration within teams.

Whether you’re drafting meeting summaries or brainstorming product features, Notion AI offers a seamless, integrated experience that boosts productivity and creativity.

Best For:

  • Professionals seeking a multi-functional AI note-taker.
  • Teams desiring streamlined meeting summaries and action items.
  • Creatives and strategists wanting to spend more time ideating and less on formatting.

Key Features:

  • Note-taking and documentation
  • Task management and to-do lists
  • Knowledge database creation
  • Project management with Kanban boards
  • Content collaboration and sharing
  • Meeting notes automation with AI
  • Summarization of text and meetings
  • AI-powered content generation
  • Action item extraction from notes
  • Customizable templates for various uses
  • Integration with other tools and apps
  • Robust search and organization features


notion ai pricing

Notion AI offers 4 pricing options:

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Plus: $8/mo
  • Business: $15/mo
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales
Try Notion


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3. Otter


Otter is revolutionizing the way we approach note-taking and meeting management.

At its core, Otter is an AI-driven assistant that offers a comprehensive platform for various audiences – from businesses enhancing their meeting productivity to sales teams accelerating their deal closures.

Otter’s ability to record, transcribe, and summarize meetings in real time is a game-changer. It smoothly integrates with popular video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. This makes it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and focus more on the discussion than on jotting down notes.

Additionally, Otter’s Live Summary feature ensures that even if you miss a part of the discussion, you can quickly catch up without having to sift through the entire transcript.

For sales professionals, OtterPilot for Sales goes a step further by offering sales insights, drafting follow-up emails, and integrating with Salesforce to maintain momentum in sales cycles.

Best For:

  • Optimizing team collaboration and efficiency during meetings.
  • Enhancing academic engagement with real-time transcription for lectures.
  • Accelerating sales processes with AI-driven insights and CRM integration.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven voice transcription
  • Real-time meeting notes
  • Automated summaries generation
  • Integration with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams
  • Live collaboration on transcripts
  • Highlighting and commenting on key points
  • Action item assignment
  • Automated follow-up email creation
  • Real-time question and answer chatting
  • Calendar integration for automated recording
  • Emailing of meeting summaries
  • Cross-platform accessibility (web, iOS, Android)


otter pricing

Otter comes with 4 pricing plans:

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Pro: $10/mo
  • Business: $20/mo
  • Enterprise: contact sales
Try Otter


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4. Fireflies AI

fireflies ai

Fireflies.ai shines as a practical AI note-taking solution, perfect for streamlining the task of documenting meetings.

This tool captures and transcribes your discussions, no matter where they happen – from Zoom to Teams and beyond.

It’s adept at not only transcribing but also summarizing key points, tracking action items, and even gauging the tone of the conversation.

The ability to quickly find important moments with AI-powered search, coupled with seamless integrations with CRMs and productivity apps, makes it a robust assistant for anyone juggling numerous meetings.

Best For:

  • Businesses seeking efficient meeting note transcription.
  • Professionals who need quick access to organized meeting summaries.
  • Teams wanting to enhance collaborative efforts through detailed recaps.

Key Features:

  • Automated voice conversation recording and transcription
  • Integration with popular video-conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams
  • AI-powered search within transcriptions
  • Summarization of meetings with key highlights
  • Collaboration tools including comments, pins, and reactions
  • Custom topic and keyword tracking
  • Real-time meeting analysis for insights on talk time and sentiment
  • Workflow automation with CRM and project management tools
  • Voice command task creation during meetings
  • Creation of a searchable knowledge base from recorded conversations
  • Privacy controls for sensitive meeting information
  • Support for transcription in multiple languages including Spanish, French, and Portuguese


fireflies ai pricing

Fireflies offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Free: 0/mo
  • Pro: $10/mo
  • Business: $/19
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing
Try Fireflies AI

5. TL;DV


Tl;dv stands out as a dynamic AI note-taking app that brings the power of GPT to your meetings.

With its robust capability to record, transcribe, and summarize conversations, it acts as an invaluable participant in your discussions.

It efficiently records calls on popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, offering immediate transcription in over 30 languages, complete with speaker identification.

Beyond capturing every word, tl;dv’s AI excels at recognizing key moments, enabling users to click or shortcut their way to summarized insights without distraction.

Its additional features, like creating sharable video clips and integrating with everyday tools, add layers of functionality for teams aiming to streamline their workflows and communications.

This platform is a strong ally in managing the flow of information, enabling you to revisit and share the essence of meetings effortlessly.

Best For:

  • Teams looking to boost productivity and focus during meetings.
  • Organizations that require multilingual meeting transcriptions and summaries.
  • Professionals seeking to integrate meeting insights with CRM and collaboration tools.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered meeting recording
  • Transcription in 30+ languages with speaker detection
  • Instant summarization of key meeting moments
  • Creation of bite-sized video clips from recordings
  • Keyword-based search across meeting content
  • Integration with collaboration platforms and CRMs
  • Timestamping for easy reference to specific discussion points
  • Automatic AI note-taking with GPT-3 summarization
  • One-click meeting notes and highlight sharing
  • AI-tagging for categorizing conversation parts
  • Accessible meeting library for recorded calls
  • Multi-platform support (Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams)


td;lv pricing

Tl;dv comes with 3 subscription options:

  • Free: Forever: $0
  • Pro: $20/mo
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales




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6. Supernormal


Supernormal stands out as a no-nonsense AI note-taking platform, seamlessly integrating with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Its AI jumps into action during meetings, transcribing and formatting notes on the fly, catering to a variety of use cases while keeping user data secure.

Post-meeting, Supernormal’s AI helps identify key points and action items, ensuring nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

The platform’s ease of use extends to its customizable templates, central storage for easy access, and the ability to share notes instantly or via automated email digests.

Supernormal is about simplicity and efficiency, eliminating the hassle of manual note-taking and allowing users to focus on what truly matters in their work.

Best For:

  • Professionals looking to streamline meeting workflows.
  • Teams aiming for improved collaboration and productivity.
  • Executives seeking to maximize the effectiveness of cross-team communication.

Key Features:

  • Automated AI note-taking
  • Integration with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams
  • Real-time transcription and formatting
  • Secure AI with enterprise-grade security practices
  • Customizable note templates
  • Action item tracking
  • Centralized note storage and search functionality
  • Shareable notes with automatic sharing options
  • Custom Sections for tailored note organization
  • Email Digests for weekly recaps
  • Personalized AI assistant names for meetings
  • Admin Dashboard for usage and team tracking


supernormal pricing

Supernormal comes with a free plan and variable Pro plan options based on minutes required for transcription.

Here are some options for the Pro plan:

  • 1k minutes: $22/mo
  • 2.3k minutes: $50/mo
  • 3.6k minutes: $80/mo
  • 4.2k minutes: $103/mo
  • 5.4k minutes: $134/mo
  • 7.4k minutes: $159/mo
Try Supernormal

7. Tactiq


Tactiq is a standout AI note-taking app that’s built to work directly with popular platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams. It goes to work the minute you start your meeting, capturing every word in real-time without the use of disruptive bots.

Its integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT allows you to generate summaries and even compile action items, all of which can be easily shared with your team post-meeting.

The app also takes privacy seriously, with a commitment to secure encryption for storing transcripts.

With the added convenience of speaker identification, engagement analytics, and the ability to store all your meeting notes in one place, Tactiq is an efficient tool for anyone looking to streamline their note-taking process and enhance meeting productivity.

Best For?

  • Professionals who handle multiple meetings and need efficient, reliable note-taking.
  • Teams seeking a secure and collaborative way to store and share meeting insights.
  • Individuals who value AI efficiency to generate meeting summaries and action points.

Key Features:

  • Real-time transcription for Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams
  • One-click AI-generated summaries
  • ChatGPT integration for instant meeting insights
  • Speaker identification
  • Bot-free solution
  • Engagement analytics
  • Secure, encrypted storage of transcripts
  • Capability to add screenshots for context
  • Shareable transcript, summary, and quotes
  • Integration with Google Docs, Notion, Quip, Slack, and more
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Google Cloud Technology Partner recognition



Tactiq offers 3 straightforward pricing options:

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Pro: $8/mo
  • Team: $16.70/mo
Try Tactiq


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8. Reflect


Reflect streamlines your note-taking experience with a straightforward approach. It’s an app that integrates AI to help you organize and enhance your writing, ensuring you don’t miss any important details.

Whether it’s capturing a quick thought or transcribing meeting notes with impressive accuracy, Reflect has you covered.

It’s designed to sync instantly across all your devices, maintains your privacy with end-to-end encryption, and makes sharing a breeze.

The platform also incorporates your calendar, so keeping track of your schedule and related notes is effortless.

Best For:

  • Multilingual teams requiring instant meeting transcriptions.
  • Professionals integrating meeting insights with productivity tools.
  • Teams seeking seamless CRM synchronization without data entry.

Key Features:

  • AI-enhanced note-taking with GPT-4 and Whisper technology
  • Real-time sync across devices
  • Backlinking for interconnected thoughts
  • iOS app for mobile note capture
  • End-to-end encryption for privacy
  • Calendar integration for meeting and agenda tracking
  • One-click publishing to share notes
  • Instant capture from browser and Kindle
  • Frictionless search for easy recall of notes
  • Voice note transcription with high accuracy
  • Custom prompt saving for personalized use
  • Action item and takeaway generation from meeting notes


reflect pricing

Reflect keeps it simple and only offers one pricing plan – $10/mo

There’s also a 14 day trail available.

Try Reflect

9. ClickUp


ClickUp positions itself as an all-in-one workspace, promising to gather every facet of work under one digital roof.

It uses AI to add another layer of utility to note-taking by assisting users in writing, editing, or translating content within its Notepad feature.

For note organization, ClickUp’s Notepad offers rich editing, checklist capabilities, and the ability to convert notes into tasks, ensuring that a fleeting thought can evolve into an actionable item.

Beyond note-taking, ClickUp boasts a collection of productivity tools including project management, real-time chat, and goal tracking.

This holistic approach is what makes ClickUp more than just a note-taking app – it’s a comprehensive platform designed to align all types of work and teams.

Best For:

  • Teams looking for an all-in-one productivity platform.
  • Individuals seeking an AI-assisted note-taking experience.
  • Organizations aiming to centralize project management and communication.

Key Features:

  • Task Management and Tracking
  • AI-Assisted Writing and Editing in Notepad
  • Rich Text Editing and Formatting for Notes
  • Real-Time Chat and Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable Dashboards and Reporting
  • Goal Setting and Progress Tracking
  • Time Tracking and Scheduling
  • Integration with Other Tools and Apps
  • Mobile Access through Apps and Extensions
  • High Customizability with ClickApps


clickup pricing

ClickUp offers 4 subscription options:

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Unlimited: $7/mo
  • Business: $12/mo
  • Enterprise: contact sales
Try ClickUp

10. Colibri 


Colibri offers a straightforward solution to enhance meeting productivity. It simplifies note-taking by recording and transcribing discussions in real time, ensuring no detail is missed.

With AI at its core, Colibri excels in generating summaries and identifying actionable items, which helps teams stay on top of their tasks.

Its ability to integrate with video-conferencing platforms and CRM tools makes it a versatile choice for modern professionals.

Plus, features like real-time coaching for sales calls and searchable call libraries offer added layers of efficiency for various business needs.

Best For:

  • Teams seeking streamlined meeting documentation
  • Sales professionals needing real-time call assistance
  • Organizations aiming to enhance collaboration through better meeting insights

Key Features:

  • AI-powered note-taking
  • Real-time transcription and closed captioning
  • Automatic AI-generated meeting summaries
  • Action item identification
  • Pre-built and customizable call agendas
  • Searchable call library
  • Conversation intelligence dashboard
  • Real-time sales coaching with Sales Copilot
  • Integration with Zoom, Slack, and Salesforce
  • Advanced machine learning for accurate transcription
  • Generative AI for content creation assistance
  • Cross-platform recording capabilities (phone calls, video conferences, etc.)


colibri pricing

Colibri offers 3 simple pricing options:

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Starter: $16/mo
  • Pro: $40/mo
Try Colibri

11. Taskade


Taskade is a versatile platform that serves as a second brain for teams and individuals. It’s not just a note-taking app, it offers a fully integrated environment where ideas transform into actionable plans.

Leveraging AI, Taskade helps users outline tasks and projects with intelligent suggestions and natural language processing, streamlining the workflow from brainstorming to execution.

Beyond note-taking, Taskade offers an array of features like real-time collaboration, video chat, and customizable templates, which enhance productivity without overwhelming the user.

Having Taskade on your side is like having a smart assistant that not only takes notes but also helps organize and prioritize them.

Best For:

  • Teams looking for a comprehensive project management tool
  • Individuals in need of an organized space for notes, tasks, and mind maps
  • Users wanting to integrate AI assistance into their workflow

Key Features:

  • AI Workflow Generator
  • AI Writing and Task Assistant
  • Autonomous AI Agents
  • AI Prompt Templates
  • Document Summarization with AI
  • AI Personas and Tones
  • Action Item Generation with AI
  • Real-time Document Collaboration and Chat
  • Prioritization and Organization with AI
  • Natural Language Processing for Task Management
  • Slash Commands for Quick Actions
  • AI Media & File Manager


taskade pricing

Taskade offers 3 simple pricing options:

  • Free: $0/mo
  • Starter: $16/mo
  • Pro: $40/mo
Try Taskade

12. Dive

dive ai

Dive streamlines the note-taking process for team leaders and marketing teams, among others, by transforming the meeting landscape.

Its automated features kick in even before the meeting begins, setting the stage with pre-meeting preparation tools.

As conversations unfold, Dive’s AI capabilities record and transcribe discussions in real-time, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

The real gem is its ability to churn out precise AI-powered summaries, distilling lengthy talks into digestible takeaways.

Moreover, Dive doesn’t just listen – it proactively tracks action items, keeping everyone on course long after the meeting ends.

Best For:

  • Streamlining workflows for team leads and marketers.
  • Simplifying note-taking in large-scale meetings like town halls.
  • Keeping agencies on track with automated action item tracking.

Key Features:

  • Team Lead Utilization
  • Enhanced 1-on-1 Meetings
  • Marketing Team Collaboration
  • Town Hall & All-Hands Meeting Support
  • Agency Project Management
  • Automated Meeting Preparation
  • Meeting Recording and Transcription
  • AI-Powered Meeting Summaries
  • Automated Detection of Action Items
  • Tracking and Follow-up on Action Items
  • Centralized Meeting Insights
  • Customizable Meeting Workflows


dive ai pricing

Dive offers 3 straightforward pricing options:

  • Basic Free
  • Pro: $12/mo
  • Enterprise: $30/mo
Try Dive

13. Evernote


Evernote is a well known AI note-taking tool in the indisutry. It shines as a straightforward yet versatile AI note-taking app. With its ability to integrate notes, tasks, and schedules, it simplifies project management.

The platform goes beyond basic note-taking by leveraging AI to organize and search notes effectively, whether they’re typed or handwritten, which is a game-changer for finding information quickly.

Additionally, its document scanning and web clipping features are incredibly helpful for storing all sorts of information.

Evernote offers a convenient experience across devices, ensuring your important information is accessible wherever you are, which is essential in today’s mobile world.

Best For:

  • Organizing complex projects across platforms.
  • Integrating tasks with comprehensive note-taking.
  • Quick retrieval of notes for busy professionals.

Key Features:

  • Cross-device syncing
  • AI-powered search capabilities
  • Handwritten note recognition
  • Document scanning
  • Web clipping tool
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Task creation within notes
  • Custom reminders and due dates
  • Assignable tasks for team collaboration
  • Advanced search with Boolean operators
  • Home dashboard customization
  • Templates for note-taking


evernote pricing

Evernote offers 3 pricing options:

  • Basic: Free
  • Personal: $10.83/mo
  • Professional: $14.17/mo
Try Evernote

14. Fathom


Fathom truly excels as a free AI meeting assistant, particularly for those who heavily rely on video calls.

It’s fully integrated with leading video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, making it ivery user-friendly.

The moment you highlight a part of your video call, Fathom uses AI to provide a clear summary of that segment. The end of your call delivers a transcript and a summary at your fingertips, without missing a beat.

Its support for multiple languages ensures that it’s a versatile tool for international video conferences.

Beyond just note-taking, Fathom’s features for sharing video clips, syncing with CRMs, and creating highlight playlists cater to the nuanced needs of today’s video-centric meetings.

Many customers praise Fathom’s capacity to save time and enhance the quality of video call follow-ups.

Best For:

  • Remote teams that rely on video calls for collaboration.
  • Video call-centric professionals seeking efficient meeting summaries.
  • Companies needing to compile and review video call content quickly.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered meeting assistant
  • One-click highlight during calls
  • Real-time transcription
  • Auto-summarization of calls and highlights
  • Immediate access to recordings and notes post-call
  • Multilingual support (7 languages)
  • Seamless integration with popular video conferencing tools
  • Direct export to tools like Google Docs, Gmail, and task managers
  • Automated CRM note syncing
  • Shareable call highlight clips
  • Playlists for organizing and sharing call moments
  • Team performance metrics and keyword alerts


Fathom Video is a free tool.

Try Fathom

15. Gong


Gong stands out as a practical AI note-taking app for revenue teams.

At its core, it captures a wide array of customer interactions, from video calls to emails, turning them into actionable insights.

The AI is the game-changer here. It processes conversations to identify key points, action items, and the overall dynamic of customer relationships. This data then informs personalized guidance, from coaching to dealing with risk assessment.

Plus, Gong’s ability to sync with a multitude of tools, supporting over 70 languages, ensures it fits seamlessly into various workflows.

In essence, Gong offers a smart, cohesive platform for making well-informed business decisions without the data entry hassle.

Best For:

  • Revenue teams seeking comprehensive customer interaction analysis
  • Sales professionals aiming for enhanced deal execution and risk management
  • Enterprises requiring a multilingual, integrable AI-driven note-taking solution

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive interaction capture (video, email, calls)
  • Actionable AI insights from customer conversations
  • Customizable AI models for industry-specific insights
  • Real-time deal risk assessment and guidance
  • Automated CRM data capture and enrichment
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy compliance
  • Support for over 70 languages
  • Over 100 seamless software integrations
  • Custom Active Learning models for tracking strategic initiatives
  • Speech-to-text transcription for global team insights
  • Coaching tools based on real interaction data
  • AI-powered sales engagement and forecast accuracy improvement


Gong offers individual pricing based on specific needs. To get the pricing quote you will have to contact sales.

Try Gong

16. Loom


Loom is a screen recorder app, that is a game-changer in the AI note-taking app space, especially for recruiters. It handles the heavy lifting of capturing every detail in recruitment interactions, from interviews to candidate debriefs.

Its AI is tuned to understand the subtleties of technical language and personal engagement, making note accuracy one of its standout features.

Recruiters have reported significant time savings – up to 20 hours a week, since Loom’s AI takes care of note-taking, allowing them to focus on the human aspect of recruiting.

Besides, the platform integrates seamlessly with existing tools, respects privacy with GDPR and CCPA compliance, and customizes notes to individual recruiter needs.

Overall, this platform is designed to fit into the recruitment process effortlessly, making it a natural part of a recruiter’s workflow without the need for extensive setup or change in their routines.

Best For:

  • Recruiters seeking efficiency in note-taking
  • Teams needing seamless integration with current tools
  • Hiring processes requiring detailed and accurate candidate assessments

Key Features:

  • Screen Recording
  • Camera Bubble Overlay
  • Instant Sharing with Link
  • Video Trimming
  • Emoji Reactions
  • Viewer Insights and Analytics
  • Commenting and Feedback Tools
  • High-Quality Video and Audio Capture
  • Integration with Popular Tools (e.g., Slack, Asana)
  • Custom Recording Dimensions
  • Secure and Private Sharing Options
  • Desktop and Mobile App Availability


loom pricing

Loom comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • Starter: Free
  • Business: $12.50/mo
  • Enterprise: Contact sales
Try Loom

17. MeetGeek


MeetGeek offers a straightforward yet innovative approach to tackling the demands of note-taking in meetings.

This platform isn’t just a place to jot down notes. It’s a dynamic assistant that jumps into virtual meetings to video record, transcribe, and summarize, turning lengthy discussions into concise, accessible points.

Utilizing AI, MeetGeek identifies key action items and major topics, which means no more frantic scribbling while trying to stay engaged in conversations.

Alongside AI-generated summaries and transcriptions, the platform boasts features like keyword search across past meetings, easy sharing of insights, and integrations with tools such as Trello and Slack for better workflow management. It’s like having a diligent secretary who ensures nothing gets missed.

Best For:

  • Teams looking for enhanced meeting productivity
  • Professionals aiming to streamline meeting follow-ups
  • Organizations seeking to consolidate meeting insights

Key Features:

  • AI-powered meeting recording and transcription
  • Automated meeting summaries with action items
  • Conversation summaries in human-like language
  • Timestamped meeting transcripts for quick navigation
  • Auto-tagging for key points and details in conversations
  • Single, searchable repository for all meeting content
  • One-click creation of meeting highlights for team sharing
  • Integration with productivity apps (Notion, Trello, Slack)
  • Analytics to measure meeting engagement and efficiency
  • Customizable meeting templates for different team needs
  • Team collaboration features for content sharing
  • Custom branding options for a personalized meeting experience


meetgeek pricing

MeetGeek comes with 4 subscription options:

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $15/mo
  • Business: $29/mo
  • Enterprise: $59/mo
Try Meet Geek

18. Sembly

sembly ai

Sembly is an AI-powered team assistant designed to transform the way professionals handle meeting notes.

By automatically transcribing and summarizing key points, decisions, and tasks from meetings, it helps users focus on the conversation without worrying about jotting down notes.

Leveraging AI, Sembly can identify speakers, extract topics, and even recognize risks or action items, making every discussion searchable and actionable.

Beyond transcription, Sembly can create detailed meeting summaries in multiple languages, seamlessly integrating with tools like Slack and Trello to automate workflows.

Sembly’s AI, Semblian, acts like a ‘ChatGPT’ for meetings, drafting messages and providing insights to enhance meeting productivity.

Whether for individuals, teams, or enterprises, Sembly promises a comprehensive and secure meeting management platform.

Best For:

  • Teams seeking to boost productivity with AI-driven meeting insights.
  • Professionals looking to automate meeting note-taking and follow-ups.
  • Enterprises requiring secure, multilingual support for global communication.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered transcription and meeting summaries
  • Automatic identification of speakers and meeting topics
  • Risk and action item detection
  • Integration with task management tools like Slack and Trello
  • Multi-language support for transcriptions and summaries
  • Secure sharing and privacy compliance (GDPR, SOC 2 Type II)
  • Semblian™ AI for generating professional responses and insights
  • Multi-platform support for Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams
  • Real-time meeting recording and voice commands
  • Synchronization with Google and Outlook calendars
  • Exportable notes and transcripts in PDF or markdown format
  • Customizable meeting notes and minutes


sembly ai pricing

There are 4 pricing plans with Sembly:

  • Personal: Free
  • Professional: $10/mo
  • Team: $20/mo
  • Enterprise: Contact sales
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19. Metaview


Metaview serves as a specialized AI-powered note-taking companion for the recruitment process. It eases the burden on recruiters by automatically generating accurate and structured interview notes.

This allows talent professionals to concentrate on the interaction, probing deeper with questions and establishing a genuine connection with candidates. Metaview seamlessly integrates with existing tools and communication platforms, adapting to various workflows without the need for change.

Its compliance with privacy regulations ensures the security of sensitive information. Moreover, the platform is adept at handling not just interviews but also intake meetings and candidate debriefs, ensuring no crucial information is lost.

Recruiters like Chase Johnson and Stephanie Jade Thomas laud its technical language capture and time-saving benefits.

By automating note-taking and feedback sharing, Metaview enhances productivity, enabling recruiters to focus on high-quality interactions.

Best For: Streamlining recruitment workflows, enhancing interviewer focus, and ensuring detailed candidate evaluations.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered note-taking during interviews
  • Automatic integration with calendars and ATS systems
  • Compatibility with video conferencing platforms and mobile calls
  • Customizable note templates and detail levels
  • Automated scorecard pre-population for ATS
  • Real-time conversation focus, with post-meeting note structuring
  • Customizable data retention and access controls
  • AI-generated candidate summaries (TLDRs)
  • Ability to personalize notes in bullet or paragraph form
  • AI-assisted recall of specific interview details and insights


metaview pricing

Metaview offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Free: $0
  • Core: $20/mo
  • Pro: $50/mo
  • Enterprise: Custom
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20. Napkin


Napkin shines as a thought organizer, enabling seamless jotting down of ideas. It’s straightforward and fuss-free, with no steep learning curve.

Simply type away, and let Napkin’s AI do the heavy lifting by bringing up associated ideas to bolster your creativity. It’s a visual treat, too—animations enliven the experience.

Beyond capturing thoughts, Napkin serves up a daily special mix of old and new notions, stimulating serendipitous connections.

It’s not just about note-taking, it’s about re-engaging with your ideas in a visually dynamic way that encourages deeper exploration and unexpected discoveries.

Best For: Creative thinkers, visual planners, and anyone embracing a spontaneous approach to idea organization.

Key Features:

  • Easy note capture on various devices
  • Visual user interface with animations
  • AI-driven Magical Associations for Idea-linking
  • Daily resurfacing of ideas for continual inspiration
  • Topic Flows to explore ideas around specific interests
  • Readwise Sync for integrating highlights
  • Direct entry, clipping, scanning, or dictation for note input
  • Automatic organization without manual tagging
  • Web clipper extension for saving notes and sources
  • Stack collections for visually organizing notes
  • AI suggestions for tags related to notes
  • Dynamic interface showing relevant ideas without searching


napkin pricing

Napkin comes with 3 simple pricing options:

  • Casual Thinker: $10
  • Visionary: $60/mo
  • Believer: $300/mo
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21. Mindgrasp


Mindgrasp is emerging as a standout in the realm of AI note-taking applications, especially for students.

It’s the digital equivalent of having a smart buddy who takes diligent notes and offers a helping hand during study sessions.

Users upload files or links, and in a snap, the AI churns out summaries, well-organized notes, and even answers to specific questions.

The AI leverages natural language processing to break down the material into digestible points, a boon for busy learners.

The platform isn’t just a note-taker; it’s a study companion. With support for various document types and media, Mindgrasp handles everything from PDFs and presentations to web pages.

It can transform lecture slides into detailed notes and condense YouTube videos into crisp, comprehensible summaries.

For professionals, its AI meeting note taker for Zoom is a real productivity booster, automating the capture of key discussion points.

Whether it’s the rush of academic deadlines or the fast pace of corporate life, Mindgrasp offers a smart way to stay on top of information.

Best For:

  • Students seeking efficient study tools.
  • Professionals looking to streamline meeting documentation.
  • Anyone needing to distill large volumes of information quickly.

Key Features:

  • Upload and summarize any file or link
  • AI-powered detailed note generation
  • Question-answering feature based on uploaded content
  • Compatibility with PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint, websites, and multimedia content
  • AI Meeting Note Taker for Zoom integration
  • Option to generate detailed notes or short summaries from recordings
  • Editing capabilities for tailored note finalization
  • Downloadable PDF format for easy access to notes
  • AI Meeting Assistant for interactive Q&A from meeting notes
  • Key takeaways and action item extraction from meetings
  • Video Summarizer for YouTube videos and other media
  • Free trial available for new users


mindgrasp pricing

Mindgrasp includes 3 simple pricing options:

  • Basic: $9.99
  • Scholar: $12.99/mo
  • Premium: $14.99/mo
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22. Notta


Notta stands out as an efficient and streamlined AI note-taking app designed to convert audio and video to text with impressive accuracy.

At its core, Notta leverages AI for live transcription during meetings and presentations across 104 languages, ensuring that no important detail is missed.

This tool is especially handy for transcribing educational lectures, professional meetings, and customer interactions. Beyond transcription, Notta also offers a summary generator that condenses content to highlight key points and action items, enhancing productivity.

The platform supports co-editing features, integrates with Salesforce, and enables seamless sharing of meeting notes.

With the security of data as a prime concern, Notta maintains robust compliance with SOC 2, GDPR, and other privacy standards, making it a reliable choice for various industries.

Best For:

  • Teams seeking streamlined meeting transcriptions.
  • Professionals needing accurate, multi-language transcription support.
  • Educators and students looking for effective lecture note-taking solutions.

Key Features:

  • Real-time transcription with high accuracy
  • Support for over 104 transcription languages
  • One-click audio/video recording and transcription
  • AI-powered summary generation
  • Integration with video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams
  • Ability to import audio files for transcription
  • Live transcription with timestamps and auto-correction
  • Co-editing and picture insertion for collaborative work
  • Export options in multiple formats (Text, Word, PDF, SRT)
  • Direct sharing of transcripts and recordings via links
  • Glossary feature for better transcription accuracy


notta pricing

Notta offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Free: $0.00
  • Pro: $8.25/mo
  • Business (For Team): $0/mo
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing
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23. Obsidian


Obsidian is a note-taking app that prides itself on privacy and flexibility, keeping all your notes on your device for quick offline access.

Its unique selling point is the way it adapts to your thought process, leveraging a number of plugins and themes to match your cognitive style.

The AI element isn’t overt, but the platform aids in note management by making connections between notes, like constructing a personal Wikipedia, and unveiling patterns via an interactive graph.

Obsidian is a complete system with encryption, version history, and collaboration tools for personal knowledge management and project planning. It even extends to publishing, allowing users to create interconnected, SEO-optimized digital gardens.

Best For:

  • Privacy-focused individuals
  • People who enjoy visualizing thought connections
  • Users seeking a customizable note management system

Key Features:

  • Local storage of notes for offline access and privacy
  • Customizable interface with hundreds of plugins and themes
  • Non-proprietary file usage for long-term data preservation
  • Linking system to create connections between notes
  • Graph view to visualize and interact with note relationships
  • Canvas feature for an expansive brainstorming and diagramming space
  • Secure, end-to-end encrypted synchronization across devices
  • Version history with a year of revisions for each note
  • Collaboration tools for team projects
  • Publishing capabilities to turn notes into a public knowledge base or digital garden


obsidian pricing

Obsidian offers a free plan and one premium plan for $50 per year.

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24. Rev AI

rev aiRev AI leverages advanced AI to streamline note-taking by transforming speech into accurate text transcriptions.

Rooted in a powerhouse of an engine trained on a vast diversity of voices, this platform excels in recognizing and transcribing multilingual audio with a high degree of accuracy and readability.

Beyond mere transcriptions, Rev AI employs natural language processing for real-time sentiment analysis, topic extraction, and language identification, making it a robust tool for extracting actionable insights.

Its asynchronous and streaming speech-to-text capabilities ensure flexibility, catering to both pre-recorded and live audio needs.

With top-notch security and compliance measures, Rev AI proves itself as a valuable asset for a range of industries from media to education.

Best For:

  • Multilingual transcription needs
  • Real-time sentiment analysis
  • Secure and accurate note-taking automation

Key Features:

  • World’s most accurate speech recognition API
  • Human transcription services
  • Real-time (streaming) speech-to-text transcription
  • Asynchronous speech-to-text transcription
  • Supports 36 languages and various accents
  • Advanced natural language processing capabilities
  • Topic extraction for thematic analysis
  • Sentiment analysis for uncovering insights
  • Custom vocabulary options for specialized content
  • Compliance with SOC II, HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI
  • Multiple streaming protocols support including WebSocket and RTMPS


rev ai pricing

Rev AI 6 pay-as-you-go plans and one enterprise plan, which you will need to contact the team to know the pricing.

Here are the pricing options for pay-as-you-go:

  • Machine Transcription: $0.02/minute
  • Human Transcription: $1.50/minute
  • Forced Alignment: $0.02/minute
  • Language Identification: $0.003/minute
  • Sentiment Analysis: $0.0008/10 words
  • Topic Extraction: $0.0008/10 words
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25. ScreenApp

screen app

ScreenApp shines as an all-round platform for anyone looking to simplify their digital note-taking and video management.

It stands out by incorporating AI to transcribe and condense videos, making it easy to capture and revisit the crux of meetings or lectures.

Beyond transcription, ScreenApp organizes your content, allowing for efficient review with timestamped summaries and searchable transcripts.

It’s a tool that aids learning, saves precious time, and enhances collaboration by letting users share and annotate notes and videos.

With the added convenience of not requiring any installation and supporting various video formats, ScreenApp is truly a comprehensive tool for managing video content and notes.

Best For:

  • Researchers who need quick video analysis.
  • Educators seeking to enhance virtual learning.
  • Teams aiming to streamline project collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Online screen recording with face cam
  • AI-powered transcription services
  • Video summarization using generative AI
  • Timestamped summarization of meetings and webinars
  • AI meeting assistant for note-taking
  • Instant sharing and downloading of recordings
  • Speaker identification in videos
  • AI-generated notes with key points and bookmarks
  • Searchable transcripts across notes and videos
  • Integration with popular video conferencing platforms
  • ChatGPT integration for Q&A about video content


Screen App comes with 3 subscription options:

  • Starter: Free
  • Business: $15/mo
  • Ultimate: Contact Sales
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Final Words:

In conclusion, AI note-taking apps represent a significant leap in how we manage information in our digital age.

They are not just tools but catalysts for enhanced productivity, offering seamless integration, real-time transcription, and intelligent summarization.

Whether for students, professionals, or anyone in between, these apps promise a more organized, efficient, and accessible way to handle information.

Embracing AI note-taking technology means stepping into a future where capturing and retaining important details is easier, faster, and more reliable than ever before.