8 Tools that Help You to Keep Track of Your Content Strategy

For anyone who posts content regularly on the web, keeping track of your blog posts is important. Blog organization is a crucial yet the most underrated strategy that most bloggers won’t pay attention to. When you are writing half a dozen articles every week, it’s not easy to remember what you have already written and what keywords you need to work on. 

The article enumerates some of the best tools that allow you to keep track of your content marketing efforts across various channels and stay organized as a blogger. Using these tools will help you improve your efficiency while saving time and effort. 


The tool integrates features that track content ROI to help you understand what works best for you. The multi-recipient tracking system defines how the prospects are interacting with the content in real-time. 

You must be sharing a collection of content with others via iMessage, WhatsApp, or other apps. You probably require to sync iPhone contacts to iPad to collaborate with others for content outreach, for example. Generate quick links and share content with your contacts via Paperflite. 


A SaaS tool that integrates AI technology and machine learning to understand your content type. Whether it is an article, a video, an infographic, or a podcast, Concured can help you stay organized and keep things on track. 

The tool possesses the capabilities to recommend ways that help you fill content gaps, perform competitive analysis, and identify trending topics that enable you to rank higher on the search engine result page. 


Similar to Concured, MarketMuse also uses artificial intelligence technology to help you review your content strategy. The tool also helps you to compare your blog to that of your competitors and allows you to plan and implement best practices for improvement. 

Using MarketMuse, you can easily understand the content gaps and the opportunities for ranking higher in the search engine. It helps you to create a plan for updating the older blog posts while writing new ones on trending topics for better results.


In your journey to plan a content marketing campaign, you can’t just ignore the social media platforms. Even though social media channels pose various challenges in researching and posting content, it allows you to interact with a wider range of audience. 

Using Loomly, you can keep track of blog post ideas, optimize posts, review posts, and schedule posts so that they reach the audience at the right time. Also, you can track the performance of each post and interact with the people who leave comments.

Google Sheets 

If you are a seasoned blogger having a small team to manage your content, Google Sheets can be a great tool to create your Content Calendar. You can schedule and manage things right from scratch according to your business needs. 

Using Google Sheets as your management tool is cost-efficient as you only need a Gmail account and an internet connection to get started. No big investment and you can manage your blog posts the way you want. 


With all the planning and tracking features, CoSchedule is a perfect tool with editorial calendar capabilities. You can assign a writing task and track updates on the project in a given calendar month to keep everything organized. 

Also, it allows you to pull all your social engagements and publish your social media posts on various channels. Moreover, you can track how the posts are doing and what steps can be taken to improve social engagement. 

Content Gather 

A dedicated tool for content creators that lets you organize all your projects – big or small. One unique feature that differentiates Gather Content from other tools is the create content template capabilities that allow writers to maintain consistency in the formats of the articles.

Templates are useful when you need to follow a particular format in all your writings on any given outline or topic. You can keep track of your progress, approve finished content, and can migrate it across platforms. The tools save time and improve efficiency. 


Another content planning and strategy tool designed especially for videos. The vloggers who post a lot of video content on different websites and platforms can rely on Wistia for efficient planning and successful implementation of content strategy. 

Create, host, and publish search engine-optimized video content that even includes metadata. The tool helps you to rank your content higher on the search engine results page. Advanced analytics as well as A/B testing tools help you know what works best for you. 

The Conclusion

So, these are some of the most proficient content planning and scheduling tools that help you keep a check on your blogs and their performance. 

Plus, these tools allow you to collaborate with people in real-time. Also, they help you understand what strategy works for your content and what steps you should take to improve your content.