1 Week Diet By Brian Flatt: Complete & Honest Review

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You have probably heard many people around the world going crazy about their success with this well-known 1 Week Diet weight loss program. Created by the certified fitness expert, nutritionist, and personal fitness coach Brian Flat, this diet claims to be a safe and super efficient method to lose weight.

1 Week Diet is promising 6-12 pounds of body fat loss in just 7 days, and that sounds extremely unbelievable.

brian flatt 1 week diet

According to the program’s author Brian Flatt, the majority of diets fail just because it takes too long for people to start seeing the results with them. The 1 Week Diet is here to change the entire game by bringing some fast, noticeable results, what ultimately motivates people and encourages to push forward.

This program offers 6-12 pounds of body fat loss in just 1 week without forcing people to starve with exhausting diet plans, or constantly sweating in the gym.

 Sounds unreal, right?

This review is dedicated to completely reveal how the program works and to finally clarify whether this product is worth your money, or not.  

What Is 1 Week Diet? (Key Facts)

  • The 1 Week Diet is a brand new, revolutionary and life-changing weight loss program which is gaining more and more positive testimonials from people around the globe.
  • It's a digital product instantly accessible worldwide, and all you need to access it is to download it.
  • The program is based on a decade of scientific research and it's designed for people to lose weight in a super short time.
  • The diet is broken down into 3 simple components: Diet, Motivation & Exercise.
  • If purchased from official website, 1 Week Diet offers 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

What Are The Benefits Of 1 Week Diet?

1 Week Diet is a universal package which will benefit not only your weight loss but also your overall health. For those who will follow 1 Week Diet’s regime, program promises:

  • Effective weight loss in 7 days
  • Increased energy and overall health
  • Younger look, reduced stress levels
  • Confidence & self-esteem

Is Brian Flatt's 1 Week Diet Is The Best Fat Loss Program?

Best Fat Loss Program

According to the diet’s author Brian Flatt, 1 Week Diet is based on non-traditional diet and exercise approach inspired by the Eastern cultures. Unlike other weight loss programs, this system is designed to produce extremely fast weight loss results that are 100% safe for human body regardless of the age or gender.

It also takes only a few days to start seeing changes in the body’s composition, if you really follow the diet’s guidelines.

Compared to other weight loss diets, this program entirely focuses on cellular inflammation, which as the science believes is the #1 reason why your body gains excessive fat.

Majority of the diets promoted by the “health gurus” does not address the main problem to cellular inflammation – and this is resulting in poor and unsuccessful results when you put those diets into practice.

1 Week Diet has a mission to completely revolutionize the weight loss industry, which manipulates millions of people around the world by giving people an opportunity to experience something that really works.

According to the testimonials and feedback found online, some people consider this diet system as a gift from the god, while some people still claim the program does not produce any positive results.

The author of the program says, that people who doesn’t experience any benefits from the product are not following its strict guidelines, however, they definitely have nothing to lose as this program offers 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

What Are The 3 Sections Of 1 Week Diet?

● Exercise:  Even if the “Diet” section of this book is enough to change your entire body, these high-quality intense exercise routines can almost double your results. One of the main reasons why many diets fail is because it just requires long time to be spent at the gym. This program proved that a little exercise is enough to effectively burn fat, so there’s no reason for you to be spending long hours while exercising. All the fat burning workouts are simple and enjoyable, based at home, and will last no longer than 20-30 minutes a day.

●  Willpower, Motivation and Mindset: Most people find this section eye-opening because it reveals endless human body capabilities. Having the wrong mindset will prevent you from succeeding. Many people find 1 Week Diet really challenging, and this part of the book is everything that you need to keep going and succeed.

●  Diet: This section of the program is about everything you need to eat at the right time, and in the right quantities in order to lose 12 pounds in a week. This portion of the book consists of 4 different Phases. For instance, in Phase #1 you are expected to lose around 8 pounds of your body mass. In Phase 4#, you’ll learn to determinate your BMR, and how to use it to calculate how many calories and nutrients you need every day. All the Phases are unique and work in combination to produce the best results.

This portion isn’t only a diet plan. It’s a complete package of knowledge dedicated for you to actually understand how the weight loss process actually works. It’s a complete guide to effectively select and time your meals in order to create 24/7 metabolic fat burning state in your body.

Already Decided? Try It!

What's Included in The 1 Week Diet?

Once you purchase the program, you will get 8 useful digital books that cover every single aspect of a successful seven-day weight loss regime. Please keep in mind, you should follow every single mentioned aspect from the book in order to make your body burn fat efficiently.

The Book Includes:

  • Launch Handbook: The first thing you need before starting taking action with 1 Week Diet plan is Launch Handbook. This induction will give you all the required information for your successful start.
  • 100 Great-Tasting Smoothie Recipes: This part of the program is packed with nutritional knowledge and 100 organic smoothie recipes, that often you can consume instead of your meals. The book explains why you should be using those special ingredients in a special combination and in the special quantities for your best 7-day weight loss results.
  • The Fastest Weight Loss Week Action Plan: This book generally puts together all the actions you have to take for your rapid 1-week fat loss results. This book will help to keep yourself on track & organized, it also provides you with the special journal where you'll be able to keep your progress record.
  • Powerful Sex Foods and Stimulants: This part of the program will provide you with the special selection of foods that stimulates your libido and improves your sex drive. People, after consuming such foods experience increased satisfaction in their sex life.
  • 3 Tummy Toner Workouts: If you fancy a toned and shredded belly, you must take a look into these tummy tonner killer workouts. People claim that those 3 workouts is the key to desired abs. This book will give you an easy, and detailed instructions on how to get your tummy toned in just 7 days.
  • The Fat-Burning Guide and Meal Plan: The Fat-Burning Guide and Meal Plan provide you with the list of what foods you exactly should eat while on 7 day weight loss diet. All types of suggested nutrition are strongly backed up with the science, therefore it ensures that every meal is consumed safely and with confidence. It is also packed with useful information based on easy, but effective ways to burn fat without following exhausting workout routines.
  • The Motivator Handbook: Even tough 7 days may seem not a very long time, many people fail to complete 1 Week Diet, just because they lack motivation. This part of the program is packed with information that will make you stay focused and motivated, so don't even try to miss this part!
  • Workout DVD: Although, 1 week diet promotes the best possible results without you having to sweat in the gym, just a little and certain task focused workout is essential for this program to work well. The DVD comes with the dietary plan, which works really well in a harmony with some simple workout tips. The suggested exercises are simple, and does not require expensive gym membership, so you can simply do them all from your home. You will be able to follow along with the trainer from each video, as he will do the workout with you.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of 1 Week Diet?

1 week diet

Although the majority of people who purchased and tried 1 Week Diet are happy with the results, some of the people seem to be disappointed. The list of pros and cons will help you to decide whether this product suits you, or not.


Pros Of 1 Week Diet:

  • The 1 Week Diet offers noticeable progress in just a few days, and brings consistent results if you decide to follow the program for more weeks.
  • The book is based on ancient scientifically proven diet and involves eating all natural foods without any possible side-effects.
  • Unlike other weight loss programs which focus only on leaning your belly part, 1 Week Diet is based on the mission to eliminate all the fat throughout your body. This program is also perfect for those who want to get rid of the cellulite.
  • 1 Week Diet is strongly focusing on lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) levels which ultimately reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes, heart attack or stroke.
  • After 1 Week Diet, many people claim they have experienced increased energy levels. As the program focuses on improved metabolic processes, it also has a big impact on your energy levels. In addition, it improves the quality of your sleep by reducing stress.
  • 1 Week Diet comes in a PDF format, thus it's instantly downloadable worldwide, no matter which part of the world you are from. The PDF format of this book offers convenient accessibility - you can read and follow the program either from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • This program is financially risk-free, it offers 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you are not happy with the results, you can simply get a refund in a very simple process.

Cons Of 1 Week Diet:​

  • This program is based on the right foods you should be eating at the right time and this is not entirely exercising program, so if you are looking only for an efficient gym workout plan, this program is not for you.
  • The majority of the program's content is based on readable information, not video tutorials. Some people experience it hard to read all the times, and claim it would be nice if this book had a video version.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone is physically designed to lose weight in just 7 days. For some people it might take a little longer than that. According to some people who purchased and tried this program, noticeable results came up a bit later than after a week.
  • While most of the people in the world have an easy access to the computer and a PDF format, some of them have difficulties and prefer this book in a physical version. Unfortunately, there's no physical version of this book yet.

About Brian Flatt - 1 Week Diet's Creator:

Brian Flatt has spent his entire life helping overweight people to reach their weight loss goals. As a professional trainer and nutritionist, he quickly became popular in the high-stakes fitness world of Southern California. His growing popularity encouraged him to open his personal fitness facility called R.E.V. fitness. At the moment Brian Flatt is considered to be one of the best health & fitness gurus in the world. 

“The 1 Week Diet is a revolutionary diet because it focuses on reducing cellular inflammation, which is the real cause of weight gain—something that most diets ignore,” says Brian Flatt. “Reduce cellular inflammation and you will boost your metabolism and increase your ability to lose weight.”

Brian Flatt 1 Week Diet

Brian Flatt’s current mission is to help as many people as possible and to destroy the well-known weight loss myths that many people tend to believe nowadays. He also seeks to promote the idea that weight loss doesn’t necessarily have to be a slow and torturous process, there are ways to make it very quick and fun.

“I want to help people learn what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat in order to lose weight,” Flatt says. “I also want to help them develop the mindset—or willpower—to lose weight and keep it off forever.”

Our Final Word:

Many people buy this program just because of its promising name – 1 Week Diet. People today are tired of long time-consuming diets that eventually bring no results, so they simply go for what’s promising quick progress.

Some people succeed with this diet, and some people don’t. The reason why some individuals fail with 1 Week Diet, is that they either don’t follow the diet exactly, or they give up without even completing their 1st week.

Rapidly changing your settled habits might be unachievable for many of us, therefore if you feel you’re not ready for that challenge, you should not be putting hopes into this product.

Keep in mind, the program offers 60 Day Money Guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose.

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