Weight Loss Frustration: 6 Important Reasons Why You Fail

weight loss frustration

You have tried to lose weight plenty of times with the help of different exercises, workouts, and diet plans, but the fat still isn’t melting yet?

Even if you achieve some results, they don’t last very long and you don’t even notice how quickly you get your pounds back. Feeling frustrated won’t push you forward towards your leaner belly goals, so let’s end this struggle forever!

6 Ultimate Reasons Why You Fail To Lose Weight

Weight loss isn’t an easy process, it requires a lot of time and dedication. There are many reasons why you might fail to lose weight, and we’re about to end those failures forever by covering the 6 most important ones.

1. You Are Consuming Too Many Calories

This is probably the most common problem that every dieter faces – eating too many calories.

The problem is, people often don’t even realize when they exceed their calorie limits, by simply not knowing their exact daily calorie intake rate.

In fact, only a few over-consumed calories can instantly lead you to the weight gain, so exactly knowing your daily calorie dosage is super important for keeping the weight off.

So how can you know your calorie limit? There are plenty of ways to find out your daily calorie intake rate, and the most popular is the calorie intake calculator which you can easily find online.

The calorie ratio you get from the calculator is based on your gender, age, height, weight, and physical activities, and it only takes a minute to calculate it.

Okay, now you know your calorie intake limit, what’s next?

You need to make sure you’re not exceeding your daily calorie dosage by precisely tracking these calories. We all know that it takes a lot of time, but believe it, it’s the simplest and smartest way to shed fat!

weight loss fail

Read all the food labels in the supermarkets, track everything and keep a written record – in this way you will be on top of your goals, feeling confident by knowing that you are not eating too much.

Keep in mind, consuming too little amount of calories might not be a better choice either. By under-consuming your daily calories, you can deprive your body of vital nutrition, and that’s not what your body wants.

Extreme calorie reduction won’t make you lose weight faster, so make sure to eat just exactly as your body needs, not more, not less.

2. You Are Not Consuming Enough Protein

Forget the myth that protein is only made for bodybuilding. We all know that protein has the power to grow and repair muscles, but what about the fat loss?

Protein is simply the most important nutrition you have to consume for losing weight.

Protein has huge control over your hunger pangs, so if you’re focusing on calorie reduction, protein is a great addition to your diet. This powerful nutrient has the ability to stimulate levels of certain body’s hormones which are responsible for hunger feeling.

Many people fail to drop weight just because they are unable to control their hunger. It often results in imbalanced, unplanned, and generally unhealthy dieting. Science proved that protein can increase satiety, and reduce hunger hormones, leaving you feeling fuller for a longer time.

Another great thing about protein – your body needs a lot more energy to digest and metabolize it than it needs for other nutrients. Compared to carbs or fat, protein requires significantly more calories from your body to be digested and metabolized, and that’s good – after each protein meal, your body starts burning calories by itself!

Quick tip – your body doesn’t store protein like it stores carbs or fat, so there’s no need to over-consume it. If you eat too much protein, it will be removed from your body as a waste, so you have to consume it consistently at certain quantities and at the right time.

Find out more about the importance of protein.

3. You Are Not Exercising

Even though exercising isn’t always a must in your fat loss journey, regular exercise can significantly increase your weight loss results.

Essentially, you are not losing weight as long as you consume more calories than your body burns, and regular exercise burns a lot of calories – it’s an amazing addition to your diet routine.

exercise fail

Researchers say, when people lose weight, usually their muscle mass accounts for 25% of total body weight loss. That’s why exercising is highly recommended, as it has the ability to restore and increase your muscle mass.

Those people who want to shred fat effectively must consider cardio routines. Combined with the right calorie deficit, cardio can make you burn a significant amount of calories. There is a huge variety of cardio routines you can choose from, for example – running, cycling, swimming, boxing or even walking.

If you want to effectively build the muscle and burn fat at the same time, cross-fit is a highly recommended choice.

Experts recommend having a combination of muscle building and cardio routines, as both are necessary in order to efficiently burn fat. Keep in mind, that exercise alone won’t make you drop a lot of pounds, healthy and balanced diet is always a must, and takes priority over exercising.

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4. You Are Not Sleeping Enough

Sleeping is crucial for healthy metabolism, no matter whether you want to burn fat or build muscle. Sleeping also has a big impact on how you feel both – mentally and physically.

weight loss frustration

Not getting enough sleep prevents the body from properly responding to insulin signals. Ultimately, the body’s inability to respond to insulin signals results in gaining and storing fat.

However, insulin isn’t the only hormone affected by the lack of sleep. Sleep also affects hormones that are responsible for your hunger, such as leptin and ghrelin.

Leptin is being produced in your fat cells, and its production makes you crave for food. Contrarily, ghrelin hormone stimulates your hunger and gives you a feeling of satiety, it also has an ability to reduce your metabolic rate and increase fat storage.

Studies found that sleeping less than 6 hour a day, decreases leptin, and increases ghrelin hormones production. Such hormone imbalance makes you feel hungrier and less satiated throughout the day, so you end up eating more than you should while exceeding your daily calorie limits.

Not getting enough sleep will also make you fatigued and you are most likely to often skip your exercise sessions.

Weight loss takes a lot of energy, so make sure you sleep at least 6 hours a day in order to feel energized and active!

5. You Still Consume Sugar

sugar weight loss

We all know that sugar is a killer, and it’s a big NO to consume a lot of it when losing weight.

Eating sugar is the same as eating empty calories, sugar can’t give you any nutrient value apart from the high amount of unneeded and even dangerous calories.

The problem is often people don’t even realize when they consume sugar because food industries simply know how to hide it.

Read all the labels when purchasing food from the supermarkets, and if you can’t see any sugar indicated on nutritional labels, it doesn’t mean that product hasn’t got any.

There are many sugar substitutes made to easily trick you. Here are few very popular artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes you should be aware of:

  • Acesulfame K
  • Advantame
  • Aspartame
  • Neotame Saccharin
  • Sucralose

Probably the biggest misunderstanding about sugar consumption that it’s only hiding in the foods you eat.

The fact is, sugary drinks might bring you even more calories than sugary food can, so consider going sugar-free by eliminating all sweet drinks from your diet, including sodas, lemonades, juices, sports drinks and many more.

Even when you drink tea or coffee, added 1 tablespoon of sugar accounts for extra 16 calories which your body doesn’t need.

Sugar is a big addiction that every dieter must quit for their best weight loss results. Carefully read the labels when purchasing food, completely avoid sugary drinks and consume water instead.

Water is not only going to add any calories to your diet (as it contains 0 calories), but it will also help you to detox and eliminate toxins from your body!

Find out more about sugar & weight loss.

6. You Drink Too Much Alcohol

Drinking alcohol and at the same time trying to shed pounds is a very common reason why so many people fail. Alcohol is a super popular and legal beverage that can make you “relax” after a heavy day, but its consumption will significantly affect your body’s ability to drop weight.

Alcohol and Weight

Without us being aware, alcohol contains huge amounts of calories, for example, large glass of red wine contains about 120 calories, and a pint of beer can bring over 180 unwanted calories to your body!

Apart from that, studies have found that alcohol consumption leads to an increased craving for unhealthy food, and that is totally against your fat loss mission.

Another reason why you should stop drinking alcohol is that it strongly dehydrates your body and that also stops you from effective fat loss.

Finally, if you drink a little more than you should, you are most likely to have a hangover next day leaving yourself feeling sluggish, and less physically active.

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