Top 18 Biggest Weight Loss Questions Answered

top weight loss questions

No matter whether you just started your weight loss journey or you are an experienced dieter, you have probably heard of many weight loss myths which brought plenty of weight loss related questions into your head.

While for some people weight loss can be a naturally easy process, some of us struggle to be in the right direction towards our lean belly success. Weight loss is a science and usually a long process that requires time, significant effort, and most importantly – knowledge.

Here we will try to answer the top biggest fat loss related questions, so prepare for a good dose of weight loss knowledge!

1. Do I Have to Go to The Gym To Lose Weight?

gym exercise lose weight

Science proved that skipping the exercising part in your weight loss process won’t prevent you from losing weight as your body’s natural ability to burn fat can be greatly increased by reducing your calorie intake along with the right selection of foods you consume.

However, keep in mind that exercising is still a highly recommended addition to your weight loss process. Exercising benefits your body in a number of ways and that involves fat burning.

If you decide to go to the gym on top of your healthy dieting, you will greatly enhance the whole weight loss process by burning extra calories and building up the muscle at the same time.

2. How Many Calories I Can Consume to Lose Weight?

how many calories weight loss

Reducing your calorie intake is a critical mission that you have to accomplish when trying to drop weight. Often people don’t even realize how they heavily exceed their daily energy portions by simply not being aware of their exact calorie intake rate.

Calorie intake rate can be calculated with the formula based on your height, weight, gender, age, and your physical activity. An average woman needs to consume around 2000 calories a day to maintain weight and 1500 calories a day to lose weight, while an average man is recommended to daily consume no more than 2500 calories to maintain weight, and 2000 calories to lose weight.

Keep in mind, these are only rough estimations based on the average of people, every person is different and knowing the exact daily calorie intake rate is highly recommended for everyone.

3. Will Drinking a Lot of Water Make Me Thinner?

drinking water thinner

Drinking enough water is essential for all dieters as hydrating can help you to burn calories, prevent from overheating, and shed fat. However, water by itself is not sufficient to make you burn fat, therefore constant hydration must be always combined with other important factors.

Drinking enough water is required to prevent dehydration when exercising. When we sweat we lose a bunch of water along with the vitally important electrolytes, thereby constantly refilling your system with water while exercising ensures that the fat burning process is safe.

Studies have shown that drinking at least six cups of cold water a day can increase resting metabolism by about 50 calories daily. Imagine how many calories it accounts for if you drink enough water for the entire year…

We often feel hungry while it’s only a thirst that makes us crave for food. Water can fill the stomach up by reducing the space left for our next meal, so consuming some water before we start eating is likely to result in fewer consumed calories!

By filling you up with the oxygen and nutrients, water keeps you energized. Having high energy levels is super important when trying to lose pounds. Your energy is something that maintains your clear thinking and encourages physical activity, so being hydrated will help you to perform exercises and keep the focus on your weight loss goals.

Combine exercise, healthy dieting and homemade detox water for weight loss and you will start seeing good results!

4. How To Know If I Need to Lose Weight?

how to know lose weight

Usually, the demand for weight loss comes from decisions of personality. People want to lose weight because of the number of reasons, for example – dissatisfaction of appearance, lack of confidence, or health problems. Technically, you should not worry about the weight loss as long as BMI (Body Mass Index) does not indicate that you are overweight, or obese.

BMI is a formula designed to find out whether your weight is healthy, and does not cause any health-related risks. Its calculation based only on your height and weight. Even though this formula sounds simple, it tells a lot about your health:

  • you are underweight if your BMI is below 18.5
  • you have healthy weight if your BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9
  • you are overweight if your BMI ranges from 25 to 29.9
  • you are obese if your BMI ranges from 30 to 39.9

The last two sections indicate that you are most likely to be healthier if you lose weight, and the first two show that there should be no healthy reason for you to lose weight. Keep in mind, that unnecessary weight loss can cause a lot of damage and harm to your body, so always be careful with your decisions.

5. Can Sugar Stop Me From Losing Weight?

sugar stop weight loss

We all probably know that sugar is an addictive silent killer that can cause numbers of health-related problems. But what about the weight loss, can sugar consumption affect our weight loss results?

Sugar can prevent you from losing weight and encourage weight gain, therefore going sugar-free for weight loss is highly advised for every dieter.

Eating or drinking sugar is nothing else, but consuming plain calories. Sugar is very rich in calories and it has absolutely 0 nutritional value.

Sugar is also highly linked to obesity. While the maximum recommended dosage of sugar each day contains 150 calories, the average person daily consumes more than a double of this amount by significantly increasing his chances of obesity.

While moderate sugar consumption is okay for your body, you need to understand that cutting sugar from your diet will greatly increase your weight loss results. In order to give up sugar, we must do research on the daily products we consume by carefully reading packaging labels.

Keep in mind, the food industry is smart enough to hide sugar under its substitutes, so make sure to do your research before going to the supermarket for your next product.

6. Can Lack of Sleep Affect My Weight Loss?

sleep important losing weight

Studies have found that people who don’t usually sleep well tend to have greatly higher BMI scores. Getting enough hours of sleep each day is really important for the best weight loss results.

Firstly, poor sleep can decrease the resting metabolism, which results in burning fewer calories when our body is in the resting state. It’s also known that muscle mass loss is highly linked to insufficient sleep – while we don’t get enough sleep, muscle burns more calories than fat does, so when the muscle is lost, resting metabolism slows down.

Another reason why you should be daily getting enough sleep is your healthy brain performance. Lack of sleep slows down your brainwork resulting in not fully conscious thinking and feeling tired throughout the day. You are most likely to chose the right meal and execute your exercise routines when you get enough sleep and your mind is well-rested.

It’s also believed that sleep has a big impact on your appetite meaning that you are most likely to crave for unneeded calories when your brain is tired.

7. Can Stress Affect My Weight Loss?

stress affect weight loss

Stress can be a huge factor causing you weight gain as you are most likely to eat more when feeling stressed. Stress has the ability to blind our brain and make us crave for fatty and sugary foods which our body doesn’t even need.

Stress and sleep are closely related factors that can make our weight loss harder. Usually, when you are stressed, you don’t sleep very well, so stress can bring the same negative effects as the lack of sleep.

In addition, stress increases cortisol hormone production. Cortisol is a stress hormone that promotes fat and increases fat storage by making it harder for you to lose weight, so its production should not be triggered when aiming to lose weight.

Stress can also encourage the production of another important hormone called ghrelin. Increased ghrelin production promotes hunger and you end up feeling hungry even if your body doesn’t need food. Every successful dieter must have the ability to manage his hunger cravings, therefore having a relaxing lifestyle will definitely help.

On the other hand, some people when stressed experience appetite loss what ultimately results in weight loss. Such kind of weight loss is definitely not a recommended way to lose weight as it can cause dehydration, weakness, and weaken our immune system. Stress can make you skip meals and deprive your body of vital nutrition, and that’s not what your body wants.

8. Will Alcohol Make My Weight Loss Harder?

alcohol weight loss harder

For some people, alcohol is a part of their lifestyle – a way to relax after a hard day, or a week. The problem is, people don’t even realize that with every alcoholic drink they consume a chunk of unneeded calories which highly prevents them from successful weight loss.

The fact is that we have to avoid alcohol, as it isn’t a healthy beverage to consume, especially when trying to lose weight.

Most of us know that alcohol contains calories, but exactly how many may surprise you. Just two large glasses of wine account for 20% of your recommended daily calorie intake. That’s like eating 2 bars of milk chocolate!

Let’s compare protein and alcohol in a sense of calorie amount. While protein contains 4 calories per gram and fat contains 9, alcohol has 7 calories per gram. It’s nearly like drinking pure fat, but even worse.

Calories in alcohol are completely empty and have no nutritional value, it does not benefit your body in any way and cannot be even compared to the other nutrients like protein, or carbs.

The only weight loss alcohol can cause is the water weight loss, and dehydration is undoubtedly not what you should be aiming for when trying to lose weight.

9. How Many Times a Day I Have to Eat to Lose Weight?

how many times eat lose weight

While some people think that eating 3 big meals without snacks is the best option, others believe that eating 6 small meals throughout a day works better for successful weight loss.

Many studies and researches have been conducted to show which meal consumption strategy works best for those who aim to lose fat, and eating more often in smaller quantities seems to be a better choice.

Splitting our meals into smaller chunks may lead to improved sugar control and cholesterol reduction. Another reason why you should focus on lowering your portions and eating more often is that frequent eating is linked to increased metabolism.

Also, eating smaller portions of food at once won’t overfill your stomach ensuring that your energy levels are always on top.

10. What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet?

best weight loss diet program

Generally, all of the most popular diets, including vegetarian, vegan, ketogenic, paleo, low-carb and etc, are scientifically proven to enhance weight loss. In order to choose the right diet for yourself, you have to analyze and determinate whether these diets will fit you, or not.

The problem is, those diets are so popular that they lack the exact success recipe. There is too much information available explaining how you can execute such diets. Such information overload can really lead you to confusion and choosing the wrong path as such kinds of diets are usually too general.

Science recommends sticking with a strict and well-defined weight loss programs which can also be based, for example on low-carb or vegan dieting principles. It is also highly recommended to choose your diet as an entire weight loss program packed with exercises, and precise nutritional guidance.

So what’s the best weight loss diet program?

While there is a huge variety of weight loss programs you can choose from, for this example, let’s take your enthusiasm as a factor helping you to chose the right diet.

If you are not confident with hard-core weight loss plans that require many efforts, you can choose something light and not too demanding. For example, Red Tea Detox Program is a perfect diet solution for those who are not in the hurry with their weight loss.

The program is based on detox principles and mainly requires drinking a special detox tea. While the program requires moderate exercise, this program is still easy to follow and execute.

Even though it takes a bit longer to achieve greater weight results with the program, many people claimed that this program helped them to shed significant amounts of weight, and all – in a super easy and natural way, just by regularly drinking special detox tea.

If you are highly motivated, and willing to do everything what’s possible to lose weight in a very short time, Fat Decimator System, or 1 Week Diet by Brian Flatt are probably the best options for you to choose. The names speak for themselves and you can really achieve noticeable weight loss results in a very short time with these programs.

Compared to the Red Tea Detox Program, such programs require a lot more effort to be put in, however, they produce results very quickly, and seeing the progress is often all you need to move forward.

Both of the programs are solving the weight loss problem from its root by focusing on the fat cells. In these programs, you won’t find any general weight loss tips that you have heard plenty of times, they are deeply focused on basis of natural weight loss patterns that actually are proven to work.

11. Can Carbs Make Me Fat? Should I Go For Low-Carb Diet?

carbs make me fat

Many health gurus will tell you that you have to avoid carbs when losing weight, but how it actually is?

Science believes that generally, low carb diets are good for weight loss because they help to control your food cravings what makes you eat fewer calories throughout the day. Also, carbohydrates can increase insulin which is a fat-storing hormone, and low carb diets are known to reduce its levels.

Carbs are the main source of the energy, and the absence of carbohydrates may enforce your body to use fat as the energy source – and that’s what we want!

It’s essential to understand that there are different types of carbs and they all are not the same. We can only determinate if carbs are healthy for our weight loss by their type, quantity, and quality in your diet.

In order to determinate how much carbs we have to consume every day, we only need to simply look into the numbers. According to nutritional standards – carbs should consist of 45-65 % of our daily calorie intake, so if you are trying to lose weight you should be aiming for at least 45% or below of your calorie intake rate.

Generally, for the people who have metabolic problems and need to lose weight consuming around 50g of carbohydrates is a recommended daily dosage.

Since we know the right quantity of carbs we can consume, we have to define which carbs are good, and which are bad. Sugary drinks, fruit juices, white bread, pastries, cakes, and the whole processed food is known to be a bad source of carbohydrates.

If you really want to consume only good carbs, you should be looking for healthy foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, nuts, avocados, healthy fats and full-fat dairy products. Even potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oats can be your moderate healthy carb intake source.

Remember, always try to focus more on higher fiber containing carbs as those are really good for your weight loss and overall health.

12. Do I Need To Cleanse To Lose Weight?

weight loss cleanse detox

Our body absorbs plenty of toxins and bad chemicals from the food we consume, from pharmaceuticals we take and even from the air we inhale.

The fact is, toxins have a negative impact on our body’s system performance. For those who want to lose weight, it’s important to know that toxins hold our metabolism back and negatively affect our fat cells.

By cleansing from unwanted toxins we will improve our body’s immune system, prevent the risk of serious diseases, and most importantly – increase our metabolism. Every part of the body’s system works better when toxins are eliminated, therefore detox is always a good idea.

There is a number of different ways how you can detox and cleanse your entire system. Most popular ways to detox are – consuming a lot of infused detox water, drinking detox teas, eating detox soups, cutting the sugar intake, exercising, sitting in the sauna, or exfoliating.

The most effective way to detox is known to be a teatox (drinking cleansing teas), which is not only capable to cleanse your system, but also enhance your weight loss.

There are many teas you can cleanse your system with, but only a few will help you lose weight, so make sure to choose your best teatox for weight loss.

If you decide to cleanse, make sure you chose the right and safe detox diet. Remember that starvation isn’t, and will never be a way to detox, your diet has to be balanced and filled with nutrition regardless of what your goals are.

13. Can Sauna Help Me Lose Weight?

sauna weight loss

Sauna and weight loss myth is a popular topic discussed by many dieters. While sauna has a lot of benefits to offer, there’s no scientific evidence that it’s having any direct effect on your weight loss.

You can actually lose weight with sauna, but it’s only going to be your water weight, and your body will quickly regain it back.

Even though sauna alone isn’t capable to make you lose weight, it’s a highly recommended addition to your fitness and diet routine.

There is a number of benefits how sauna can aid your weight loss process, such as – detoxing your body, boosting the immune system, or reducing the stress levels, so visiting sauna from time to time will improve your health in many ways.

14. Can Weight Loss Harm My Baby While I’m Pregnant?

weight loss baby harm pregnant

This is usually a huge dilemma in the mother’s world – “will losing weight while pregnant can harm my baby”?

It’s always a good idea to plan your pregnancy and get into your normal weight before getting pregnant, however, not everyone is capable of doing that, and some people get pregnant while they are already overweight or obese.

Science says, that losing some weight is beneficial for those women who are extremely overweight and obese. Being obese while pregnant may lead to premature birth, stillbirth, cesarian delivery, and other bad complications.

If you were are at your normal weight before becoming pregnant, it’s advised to consult with your doctor about losing weight in your pregnancy period, but normally weight loss isn’t recommended.

If you are really keen to slightly lose weight while pregnant, there’s always a room for that. Easy weight loss practices, like moderate calorie intake reduction, or light exercise won’t harm you, or your baby.

Generally, for a pregnant woman consuming not less than 1700 calories a day is highly recommended, so in order to lose weight, just simply don’t exceed 1700 calories a day and it will be enough to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

While some women are afraid to exercise while pregnant, moderate daily 30 min physical activity is always a good choice. Exercising will help you maintain your normal weight, reduce birth effects, and even relieve some aches and pains during your pregnancy.

Remember to only stick with the light exercises while pregnant such as yoga, swimming, gardening, jogging, and you will benefit from it.

15. What Is The Best Meat For Weight Loss?

best meat weight loss

Originally, meat is a very healthy base of your diet, however, today’s meat is usually different than it used to be before.

It’s now often harvested from animals that are pumped with hormones or antibiotics, so we need to understand that the meat we eat today is often unnatural and affected by many chemicals.

Generally, meat is a very healthy energy source as long as it’s 100% natural, so we need to know the origins of the meat before we eat it.

When losing weight, we have to focus on low-fat, high in protein meats, such as:

  • chicken
  • grass-fed beef
  • ground turkey
  • bison
  • venison

As you can see pork isn’t on the list as it’s generally not considered to be lean meat. However, not all pork is the same, and you can still efficiently lose weight while eating it.

Try to look for certain types of cuts of pork that are lean, for example, tenderloin, loin chops or loin roasts. Also, remove all visible external fat from the pork before cooking it, and cook it on low-fat cooking methods, such as roasting, or grilling to eliminate unneeded fat.

16. Can I Lose Weight With Green Tea?

Green Tea Lose Weight

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet and its consumption linked to many health benefits.

Green tea can improve our mental health, immune system, prevent the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Green tea is also known to be a perfect stress killer, but what about the weight loss, does green tea help you to lose weight?

Many nutritionists believe that green tea helps you to lose weight by improving your metabolism, however, there’s no correct scientific evidence yet showing that green tea can directly affect the metabolism.

In order to drop pounds efficiently, we need to ensure that our body system is free from toxins and unhealthy chemicals, and it’s a good option to cleanse with green tea to eliminate all these pollutants.

As this tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants, it not only eliminates toxins, but also keeps them away by strengthening the entire immune system.

Green tea can also boost your energy levels, and you are more likely to lose weight when your energy levels are high.

So without having a direct impact on your weight loss, green tea is capable to aid this process in a number of ways.

17. Why Is It Hard to Lose Weight Even if I Really Try?

why hard to lose weight

Your body’s ability to burn fat isn’t only based on the environmental factors, indeed your genetics has a big impact on your weight loss.

Science shows that genes play a huge role in obesity, however, average overweight can be strongly controlled by environmental factors.

You are most likely finding it difficult to lose weight when either you are not motivated enough, or you lack weight loss related knowledge. So put the genetics aside, and remember that with the right practices, and mindset you are capable of achieving everything.

Learn more about and practice the basic weight loss principles – create a calorie deficit, choose the right foods with regular exercising and weight loss will eventually occur,

18. I Need to Lose Weight, But I’m Not Motivated Enough, What Should I Do?

motivation lose weight

Firstly, you need to determinate all the reasons, why would you want to lose weight.

Is it because you want to look better in the pictures, fit into your old jeans, or is it simply because you want to become healthier?

Write them all down, and look at them every single morning when you wake up, this will help you to keep committed and motivated.

Determinate your exact goals and make sure they are realistic. Knowing your objectives is super important when losing weight, write them all down and look at them every morning – this will also keep you committed and motivated. Having realistic goals will increase the chances of achievement and satisfaction, and reduce the risk of weight loss failures.

Often people set up very hard goals for themselves that they don’t achieve, later they end up feeling frustrated and then give up. That’s not what you want to happen, and it’s always smart to divide your big goals into the smaller chunks.

For example, instead of losing 30 pounds in 3 months, focus on losing 5 pounds every two weeks, in this way your big goal is looking to be more achievable and you are most likely to execute it.

Few little goals are always better than 1 big goal, as 1 little goal is easier to achieve, and feeling of achievement will result in motivation and inspiration to move forward.

Lastly, when trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle as you lose weight, think of developing a habit. Researches show that it only takes 3 weeks for a human’s mind to develop a new habit.

In order to lose weight you need to develop new healthy habits, so instead of thinking that you’ll have to stick with them forever, try to only have 21 days in your mind, and you won’t even notice how your new healthy habit is no longer a pain.

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