The Interview With Brian Flatt – 1 Week Diet’s Creator

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It took more than a decade of scientific research to finally find something that makes unwanted body fat melt incredibly fast, and it’s – 1 Week Diet.

This weight loss program is getting more and more attention from many dieters around the world as it promises significantly quick results – up to 8lbs of body fat loss in just 7 days!

Thousands of people claimed their rapid weight loss progress and improved their health after accepting this 7-day challenge, and all – with a very minimal effort.

This program stands out from others just because it solves the weight loss problem in a smart, easy and efficient way. It doesn’t require to give up your favorite foods or heavily sweat out in the gym for hours.

It only focuses on the root of the weight loss problem, which is the cellular inflammation and that can be solved with the specific foods added along with some light exercise.  It also destroys plenty of weight loss myths that mainstream industries are trying to make people believe in.

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The creator of this remarkable program is called Brian Flatt. As a professional fitness trainer, weight loss coach, and well-known nutritionist, Brian Flatt spent his entire life helping people to accomplish their desired body transformation goals.

Based in Southern California, today Brian shares his best of weight loss knowledge with people in his own personal fitness facility called R.E.V. Fitness.

After the long experience in the fitness industry, 500 medical studies, dozens of diet books, Brian developed a secret weapon that has changed many of lives…

The Interview With Brian Flatt – The Author of 1 Week Diet:

brian flatt 1 week diet

We are very honored to have a fantastic chance to interview the creator of 1 Week Diet Brian Flatt and ask him some questions about the program.

1st Question: What Is Your Connection With Health & Fitness Industry?

Answer: I’ve been passionate about health, nutrition, and fitness for my entire life. I’ve been reading a lot of health-related books, and the knowledge I’ve gained throughout the years has opened my eyes for completely new dieting and fitness approach.

The deeper I’ve researched the more ridiculous those mainstream dieting methods and “facts” seemed to me. I’ve fed up with the lies that big weight loss industries tell people every day and that’s how I decided to influence the new weight loss approach by taking some serious action.

My first step was opening my personal fitness and weight loss facility here in Los Angeles. It’s called R.E.V fitness and my biggest goal was to provide my clients the real knowledge of how the fat supposed to be lost.

I daily provide my clients with real, science-based strategies that help people lose weight and keep it off. I feel blessed and inspired by having a chance to work together with the most renowned nutritional scientists and fitness coaches to help thousands of people every day.

Interested in 1 Week Diet?  Try Program With 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

2nd Question: What Is a 1 Week Diet?

Answer: It is a complete weight loss program consisting of nutritional, exercise and motivational guides.

My grandfather who is probably the fittest senior alive today on the planet has greatly influenced the creation of this diet system. He shared with me something exclusive about the human’s body that he learned while serving in World War 2.

Combined with my in-depth health studies we came up with some serious and unique information that helps thousands of people around the world to effectively lose weight.

Brian Flatt 1 Week Diet

This constructive and straightforward diet is proved to allow safely burn up to 8 lbs of unwanted body fat per week! What is really incredible about this product, that it doesn’t require high physical activities to be involved, a moderate few minutes exercise a few times a week is more than enough to even double the results.

The 1 Week diet comes in a digital format and it’s globally accessible online for only 37$. I really want people to trust my creation so I allow  60-day money back guarantee in case the diet doesn’t work, or they change their mind.

3rd Question: What Inspired You To Create 1 Week Diet?

Answer: As I said before, I’ve fed up with all this weight loss information that mainstream media and industries are trying to put in people’s heads.

Weight loss industry is a massive business that generates 70$ billion a year in the U.S alone. They are not trying to solve people’s problems – they only want to take their money.

This really inspired me to commit a revolutionary change, to introduce something that can really help people.

I feel sorry for the people who been trying to lose weight for a very long time and had no success. Now when I know the exact formula for the weight loss, I can assure that weight loss doesn’t have to be a long or difficult process, it only requires the right focus, which mainstream industries will never give it to you.

4th Question: Who Is 1 Week Diet For?

Answer: There are many diets that only target specific groups of people, such as – women, elderly people, teenagers and some of them focus on different body parts. Such a classification is proven to be wrong when we talk about weight loss.

The basis of losing weight is the same for everyone regardless of your age, gender, or body mass situation. That’s why 1 Week Diet is such a successful weight loss program, you can effectively lose weight in just seven days no matter who you are.

By saying seven days I mean that period is enough to notice rapid progress, but you still may want to repeat this diet for more weeks if your objectives are high.

5th Question: Why This Diet Is Better Than Others?

Answer: First of all, 1 Week Diet is unique – it works totally against the popular idea of “Eat less, exercise more”. This kind of approach created by mass media turns dieting into a torturous never-ending grind. My diet is fun and enjoyable, and it makes people stick with it for the long-term.

Another problem with today’s diets, that they are too complicated. They are loaded with too much information and that usually leads dieter to confusion and ultimately demotivates him.

1 Week Diet is packed with easy-to-follow constructive and simple material, which will make dieter never lose his focus and actually enjoy the whole weight loss process.

6th Question: What Is The Secret of This Diet?

Answer: There are no secrets behind this diet, to be honest, it’s only a big focus on the real cause of the weight gain problem.

It took more than 1000 medical studies, dozens of different diet books, systems, programs, gadgets, pills to finally find out the real problem of fat build up, and that is a cellular inflammation. The leading nutrition experts of Harvard University are still doing research on the system of 1 Week Diet since it totally shocked the scientists.

The 1 Week Diet addresses a cellular inflammation as a number 1 cause of the fat gain, and that’s what weight loss industries don’t ever want you to know about.

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