The Interview With Kyle Cooper – Fat Decimator System Creator

Kyle Cooper

Today we had a fantastic chance to interview the man who helped tens of thousands of people to finally end their weight loss struggle. His name is Kyle Cooper and he’s a creator of the well-known Fat Decimator System.

Who is Kyle Cooper?

Kyle spent the majority of his life serving his country in the Marine Corps. Throughout his intensive military career in the Afghanistan war, he gained a Gunnery Sergeant degree and became in charge of a Force Recon unit – a special section of marines that operate as Special Forces.

For more than a decade Kyle was responsible for keeping himself and his soldiers in the best shape possible. “Keeping my guys ready for the action wasn’t just a job for me, It was a personal devotion”, Kyle says.

The main problem Kyle faced during his military career in Afghanistan was that not all of his men were at their best physical conditions, so it was hard to find the solution, which works equally effectively. Kyle’s force unit consisted of many people who have never done sports in their life, and to get them into their best ever physical shape fast, was a real challenge.

Kyle Cooper

The struggle was real until the Sergeant had a chance to meet a Korean medical student called Sam Pak. This young man introduced Kyle to a completely new weight loss approach based on ancient Asian knowledge.

This new weight loss approach has been backed up with some revolutionary scientific evidence and it immediately encouraged the creation of a new weight loss system, that Kyle later called the Fat Decimator.

The sergeant’s soldiers had to immediately adopt this new weight loss system, and that gave them significant results. 97% of Kyle’s soldiers have managed to effectively reduce their body fat rate to its minimum, and all – in a super short period of time.

This new revolutionary weight loss system greatly enhanced soldiers performance on the battlefield and even saved many of their lives.

As soon as Kyle Cooper got back into the United States, he immediately decided to put his entire fat burning knowledge into a single product – The Fat Decimator System. Today, it’s known that this entire diet plan has helped tens of thousands of people to get rid of their unwanted fat, and all – in a natural and efficient way.

At the moment, retired from the marines, Kyle Cooper is a certified fitness instructor who shares best of his knowledge with people around the world. He shares the secrets of how to eliminate tens of stubborn pounds of unwanted and dangerous fat in a matter of weeks.

The Fat Decimator System is proven-to-work by science and tested by thousands of people. It has changed so many lives that Kyle believes that this is his destiny.

Now It’s Time For The Interview With The Fat Decimator System Creator Kyle Cooper…

We are delighted to have a chance to ask ex-marine Kyle Cooper some really interesting questions about weight loss, and how the Fat Decimator System was created.

Kyle Cooper

Question: What Is Your Connection With Fitness And Weight Loss?

Answer: “As soon as I’ve finished high school I’ve applied to the Marine Corps. I was immediately accepted, as I was very patriotic and passionate to fight against those who attacked our nation.

Also, I have spent my whole life playing football and my physical shape was a big reason why I have joined the marine forces. After serving and fighting in the Middle East, I have earned the rank of Gunnery Sergeant and joined the special Force Recon division, where I had to be responsible for training and keeping my unit fit.

This was the part where I learned a lot about nutrition and exercise, and most importantly, I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, later on, I found that my nutrition and exercise knowledge was completely wrong and even harmful to my men.”

Question: What do you mean by saying it was wrong and harmful?

Answer: “It wasn’t until a few months later when I had a chance to meet a highly talented medical student from Korea. He proved me that almost all of the fitness and weight loss beliefs I tend to believe in the past were complete garbage that could even harm people. He really opened my eyes by destroying the most popular weight loss myths that western cultures still rely on.

He gave me a completely new approach on how weight loss actually works, and that inspired me to create the Fat Decimator System.”

Question: So What Is The Fat Decimator System?

Answer: “It’s a diet and exercise plan dedicated to help people lose weight and improve their overall health in a super efficient way. This program is based on ancient Asian knowledge, as well as it’s backed up with more than 300 independent medical studies and evolved 3 years of real-world testing.

Fat Decimator System

Together with my Korean friend, doctor Sam Pak we organized his medical researches and conducted an efficient weight loss program that involves healthy dieting, exercising weight loss mindset development, and body’s natural ability to burn fat.

We tested this new weight loss program on my marines, and the results just shocked us. 97% of my men have managed to reduce their body fat to the minimum within a couple of weeks.”

Question: Who Is The Fat Decimator System For?

Answer: “The biggest reason why people love my program so much that it’s universal and designed for everyone. Tens of thousands of people around the world have tried the Fat Decimator System and their feedbacks are awesome!

Every day I get bombarded with numbers of emails saying how this program changed their lives. It’s not always about how this system made people look better, I get emails thanking me for saving people’s marriages and entire lives.

Even the little kids who were on the fast track to obesity turned their lives around with this program. Hearing such feedback from the people is nothing else, but purely blessing.

I mean, whether you want to drop just a few or even a hundred pounds, this program efficiently works well on the same weight loss principle.

The Fat Decimator System shows you what to do and how to do in a simple step-by-step process. Within a couple of weeks, I’ve seen people losing 20, 30 and even over 40 pounds… and what’s better, once you know what to do, there is absolutely no limit, and you can maintain a healthy and youthful body pretty much forever.”

Question: Why The Fat Decimator System Works So Well?

weight loss

Answer: “The reason why my weight loss system works so well is that it’s not only a diet plan – it’s a whole fat loss package.

This system is created to educate people about the certain foods they should eat, the exercises they should take, and the mindset they should have. All three components are equally designed to work together to produce the best possible weight loss results.

My program differs from many others because it helps people by focusing on the very deep aspects of the weight loss problem. When we talk about the fat loss, we should talk about the fat cells, not about some kind of general stuff, while the majority of other weight loss systems like to talk about it.

It destroys the myths and clarifies the facts about nutrition, exercise, weight loss, carbs, and sugar. You will be shocked after finding out how much junk weight loss industries are putting into people’s heads every day.

To me, the biggest reason why the Fat Decimator System works so well is that it lays out the truth in a simple step-by-step plan, and most importantly backs everything up with real-world science.”

Want to find out more about life-saving weight loss program? Read the full Fat Decimator System Review.

The Fat Decimator System

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